Theremino USB2.1 Cable Type A-B

Theremino USB2.1 Cable Type A-B

Wlinny | Circuit Board Square Pendant DIY Material Package

Wlinny | Circuit Board Square Pendant DIY Material Package

Theremino TWinGo Knob Controller

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Teach your robot TWinGo new tricks with the Knob Controller!

Control your robot with knobs and buttons!

The Knob Controller is a cool tool that lets you teach your TWinGo robot new moves. It's like having a robot friend that you can show what to do!

How does it work?

The Knob Controller has four knobs and ten buttons. Use the knobs to control the robot's movements with precision, and the buttons to start, stop, and move through different movement sequences.

Learn by doing!

No need for complicated manuals or coding! With the Knob Controller, you can learn by doing. Move the robot with the knobs, see what happens, and adjust the movements with precision. It's like teaching a friend how to move, but in this case, your friend is a robot!

Do lots of cool things!

The Knob Controller isn't just for simple movements. You can create complex and personalized movement sequences for all sorts of things. Whether you're a robotics fan, a student, or a professional, the Knob Controller gives you complete control over your TWinGo robot.

In short:

  • Easy and precise control with the Knob Controller
  • Learn by doing with the "try and learn" approach
  • Do lots of cool things with your robot
  • Works perfectly with the TWinGo robot arm

The Knob Controller: your new friend for exploring the world of robotics with ease and precision.

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