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Theremino Comunication Adapter

Theremino USB2.1 Cable Type A-B

Theremino USB2.1 Cable Type A-B

Theremino TWinGo COBOT ARM PRO, Complete Kit

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TWinGo PRO: The Robot for All Robotics Enthusiasts

Make the most of your passion for robotics with TWinGo PRO, the lowest priced robotic arm in its class that offers the highest level of potential.


  • Controlled with a file of movement sequences, editable with mouse, keyboard and with the innovative Knob Controller for an innovative "try and learn" functionality.
  • Complete and easy to use software in Windows 10/11 environment.
  • Made of dense CNC machined PVC for extra strength and durability.
  • Affordable price for all robotics enthusiasts.
  • Ideal for learning robotics and programming concepts in a simple and fun way.

With TWinGo PRO you can:

  • Create motion sequence files to control your robot precisely.
  • Easily edit motion sequence files with mouse, keyboard and Knob Controller.
  • Learn robotics and programming concepts intuitively with the "try and learn" functionality.
  • Control your robot's movements in real time.
  • Monitor its performance.
  • Develop custom applications.
  • And much more!

TWinGo PRO is the ideal tool for:

  • Students who want to learn robotics.
  • STEM enthusiasts who want to explore new technologies.
  • Inventors who want to bring their ideas to life.
  • Anyone who wants to have fun with robotics!

Start your journey of learning and experimentation today with TWinGo PRO!

TWinGo PRO's powerful software suite gives you everything you need to bring your ideas to life:

  • Theremino Automation: A simple and intuitive programming language, ideal for beginners and experts.
  • Theremino Motors: An application dedicated to the precise control of TWinGo PRO Smart Motors.
  • Theremino COBOT: Essential tool for managing the movements of your robot.
  • Theremino SlotWiever: A real-time viewer to monitor the data exchange between TWinGo PRO, sensors, actuators and the software.
  • Theremino Signal Scope: A signal analyzer that acts as a virtual oscilloscope.
  • Theremino MicroVideo: An application for acquiring images and videos from the TWinGo PRO camera.
  • Theremino Blocky: A block programming language designed for younger people.
  • Theremino Audio Input: An application that allows you to control TWinGo PRO using voice commands.

With its comprehensive software suite, its robust CNC machined dense PVC construction, its affordable price and its innovative "try and learn" functionality, TWinGo PRO is the ideal choice for all robotics enthusiasts looking to explore the world automation in an easy, fun and intuitive way, while being able to count on a product that offers potential at the highest levels in its category.

Don't miss the opportunity to bring your ideas to life with TWinGo PRO, the robot for you!



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The real modular input - output for Windows. Make easy interaction between Windows Operating System and sensors and actuators