WS2812B-3535 RGB LED Chips Pixel Integrated Driver Chip

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N302B7-3535RGB has the characteristics of small size, few external components and clean layout. Controlled by an external controller, it can show illusion, animation and high-standard video effects.


  • The 3535 ball interior integrates high-quality external single-line cascade current IC(IC built-in filter device, enhances its signal anti-jamming ability), high-quality RGB LED chip, compact size, and simple periphery.

  • Plastic forwarding enhancement technology,single-line data transmission, can be cascaded.

  • The data transmission frequency is 800 Kbps per second, and the screen refresh rate can be achieved at 30 frames per second, not less than 1024 points.

  • The output port PWM control can achieve 256 levels of grayscale adjustment, and the port scan frequency is 1.5 kHz / S.

  • Optimized preset 12mA / channel constant current mode is adopted to maximize the number of low-voltage drive cascades. High constant current accuracy, intraslice error <1.5 %, interslice error <3 %.

  • The built-in low-pressure reinforcement module, VDD is 100 % normal above 2.7 V.

  • Super data shaping ability: accept this unit data automatically will follow the data shaping output.


  • Full-color luminous words

  • Full-color module

  • Point light source

  • Full Light Bar

  • Lampscreen

  • Color screen

  • Christmas decorations and other multi-scene products


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WS2812B-3535 RGB LED Chips x 1002PCS


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