Crowtail- Lora RA-08H/LoRaWAN Module for Long Range Communication (803-930Mhz)

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Crowtail - LoRa RA-08H uses the Ra-08H (ASR6601) module, which has ultra long distance spread spectrum communication. Its chip ASR6601 is a general-purpose LPWAN wireless communication SoC integrated with RF transceiver, modem and a 32-bit RISC MCU. The Ra-08H module supports LoRa modulation and traditional (G) FSK modulation under the LPWAN use case; The transmitter also supports BPSK modulation and (G) MSK modulation.

The Ra-08H module provides ultra long range and ultra-low power consumption communication for LPWAN applications, and can be widely used in intelligent instruments, supply chain and logistics, home building automation, security systems, remote irrigation systems and other scenarios.

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  • High sensitivity: -138dBm @125Kz SF12
  • Support LoRa/(G)FSK/BPSK/(G)MSK modulation
  • Support multiple sleep modes: depth sleep current is low to 0.9uA
  • Support spread spectrum factor: SF5/SF6/SF7/SF8/SF9/SF10/SF11/SF12



  • Voltage: 3.3~5V
  • Theoretical maximum transmission power+22dBm
  • Supported frequency band: 803~930MHZ
  • High sensitivity: -138dBm@125KzSF12
  • Support spread spectrum factor: SF5/SF6/SF7/SF8/SF9/SF10/SF11/SF12
  • Embedded memory: 128KB FLASH, 16KB SRAM
  • Support LoRa/(G) FSK/BPSK/(G) MSK modulation
  • Maximum transmission distance 1KM (ideal value for open space)
  • With download and communication switching functions, users can customize programming
  • Configure the first generation IPEX seat
  • Dimension (mm): 40 (L) * 20 (W) * 7.5 (H)
  • Net weight: 7g


Package List

  • 1x Crowtail Lora RA-08H Module
  • 1x Crowtail Cable

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