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I2C Encoder Mini

I2C Encoder Mini

12bit(4096P/R) AS5601 Magnetic Rotary Encoder Module

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Breakout board of the AS5601 (ams AG) magnetic absolute rotary encoder with 12-bit (4096ppr) resolution to 2.54mm pitch. A neodymium magnet is included.
Power supply pins for 5V, 3.3V, and GND, and pins for I2C and A/B phase incremental outputs are provided. The supply voltage is 5V or 3.3V.


  • High resolution: 4096ppr (incremental output is up to 2048ppr)
  • Magnetic type enables non-contact angle measurement, excellent reliability and durability
  • Interface
    • I2C: Angle reading and operation setting are possible by accessing the config register
    • Incremental output: Quadrature output of A/B phase with configurable resolution from 8ppr to 2048ppr
  • Sampling time: 150μs
  • Capable of reading values even when the axis center of the AS5601 and neodymium magnet is off by about 1mm

Included Items

  • Board × 1
  • Neodymium magnet × 1


  • Board size: W20 x D13.5 mm
  • Mounting holes: 15mm pitch, M3 x 2
  • Magnet size: φ6 x 2.5 mm
  • Magnetization: Diametric
  • When supplying 5V for power supply voltage, leave the 3.3V pin open. When supplying 3.3V, also supply 3.3V to the 5V pin.
  • PUSH pin is not connected and cannot be accessed

External links

  • Support Page
  • Sample codes, schematic (PDF), 2D CAD data (DXF), and 3D CAD data (STEP) are available.
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