Open FFBoard TMC4671 driver kit (Motor driver only)

Open FFBoard TMC4671 driver kit (Motor driver only)

0-10V Spindle CNC I/O Module

0-10V Spindle CNC I/O Module

6 Pack CNC Controller for External Stepper Drivers

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Product Description

Hello, I am Bart Dring. I am the designer of this controller and one of the original creators of FluidNC firmware. The profits from this controller directly help support the firmware development. Thank you for considering this product.

Product Description

This is a version of the popular 6 Pack CNC controller that is designed specifically for use with external stepper motor drivers. It is designed for FluidNC firmware and uses an ESP32 microcontroller.

Image on a typical external stepper motor driver.


External Stepper Driver



This controller has (6) dedicated inputs, (2) 5V output signals and (3) CNC I/O Module sockets. The I/O sockets can be used to provide support for a wide variety. The 3rd socket only supports digital outputs.

FluidNC is a very flexible CNC firmware that can control a wide variety of CNC machines. This controller extends that flexibility to the hardware. You get to choose what hardware you want and can swap out modules any time your machine changes.


There are no jumpers to set. It is ready to use with any external drivers that accept 5V signals. There is plenty of current to drive the optical isolators typically used with these drivers.

There are currently (9) types of CNC I/O modules. These are used to interface with a vast array of hardware on your machine. We currently support (11) types of spindles including (6) RS485 VFD brands.

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Coming Soon

  • 5V Output Module

  • Input Module

  • RC Servo Module

  • Prototype (Breadboard) Module

  • I/O Expansion Module (adds inputs and outputs)




  • 6 built in opto isolated inputs.

  • 2 built in 5V output signals. Each has a status LED.

  • 3 CNC I/O Modules. #1 and #2 use GPIO and can support any module. #3 is output only. RS485,5V Output and Relay shown in product image.

  • Socket for standard ESP32-DevKitC modules in the 2x19 pin formats. It supports both 0.9" and 1.0" wide versions. (link coming soon)

  • 6 extra digital outputs on pin headers.

  • Micro SD card socket.

  • 9VDC to 24VDC power input (12VDC Recommended)

Open Source and Well Supported

What You Get

This product page is for the motherboard only. You can optionally add a programmed and configured ESP32. CNC I/O modules must be ordered separately.

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