Universal 24-pin SPI e-Paper driver board

Universal 24-pin SPI e-Paper driver board



RS485 CNC I/O Module

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Hello, I am Bart Dring. I am the designer of this and one of the original creators of FluidNC firmware. The profits from this controller directly help support the firmware development. Click on the About Designer tab above to see other CNC electronics I have for sale. Thank you for considering this product.

Product Description

This an Isolated RS485 Modbus CNC I/O Module designed for use with the 6 Pack Universal CNC Controllers . It can be used to control RS485 spindle VFDs. Many types are supported. Check the wiki to see if your VFD is supported. The isolation prevents electrical noise and spikes from getting to the controller via the RS485 connection.

RS485 Control is very robust and allow both precise speed control as well as direction control. The firmware constantly monitors the performance of the spindle and can stop your job if the spindle is not working properly.Product Description

Note: RS485 can be difficult to wire correctly and it does require special setup on the VFD. The 0-10V module is an easier alternative.


Example Connection (Huanyang VFD Example)

The pin labeling is not consistent on all VFDs. Typically A on the module is wired to A or "-" on the VFD and B is wired to B or "+". The ground is used for an optional shield. This should be connected only to the RS485 module side. 

There are communication LEDs.

  • TX Led You should see the TX blink a couple times per second. If you do not, something is wrong in your setup on the CNC controller side.
  • Rx LED The Rx should blink at the same rate. If the Rx LED stays on, try swapping the wires on the VFD side. If it does not light at all, there is probably a setup or other problem on the VFD side.


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