PicoPD - USB-C PD 3.0 PPS Trigger with RP2040

PicoPD - USB-C PD 3.0 PPS Trigger with RP2040

6 Pack CNC Controller for External Stepper Drivers

6 Pack CNC Controller for External Stepper Drivers

Open FFBoard TMC4671 driver kit (Motor driver only)

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Open FFBoard TMC4671 driver kit (Without main controller)

The TMC4671 OpenFFBoard driver is the recommended reference motor driver for the Open FFBoard project.

The OpenFFBoard is intended for DIY direct drive steering wheels and other force feedback devices.
See the resources below for more information about the project.

The Open FFBoard STM32F407 main controller is NOT INCLUDED. Please purchase it separately as it is required for operation. 


Included components:

  • TMC4671 motor driver
  • 50W 10r power resistor
  • Plugin terminals
  • Standoffs and screws
  • Heatsinks


  • 12V-50V (36V-48V recommended)
  • 30A current sensors (Use heatsinks >10A)
  • Integrated brake resistor circuit for power supply protection
    • (ALWAYS connect brake resistor to PB+/PB-)
  • Very low sensing noise

Supported motors:

  • 3 phase synchronous BLDC servo motors
  • 2 phase stepper motors
  • DC motors (Currently in development)

Supported encoders (for all motor types):

  • ABN quadrature incremental encoder (recommended)
  • SinCos analog encoder
  • 3 phase analog encoder
  • Hall sensors (NOT recommended)
  • All encoders supported by OpenFFBoard firmware by position forwarding (experimental)
    • BISS-C with rs485 addon
    • MT6825
    • SSI


Firmware releases: github.com/Ultrawipf/OpenFFBoard/releases

Hardware files: github.com/Ultrawipf/OpenFFBoard-hardware

Configurator GUI: github.com/Ultrawipf/OpenFFBoard-configurator

Wiki setup: github.com/Ultrawipf/OpenFFBoard/wiki/Setup

Please stack the boards according to the pictures and make sure the connections between the boards are good as a bad connection may result in unwanted behaviour or damage.

Setup manual video:



OpenFFBoard YouTube playlist:

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The OpenFFBoard is an open source project for DIY force feedback and simracing hardware.