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ATtiny Candle

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ATtiny Candle is a small development kit that is based on Microchip ATtiny85 MCU

What is it?

ATtiny Candle is a small development kit that is based on Microchip ATtiny85 and ATtiny13 MCU.

ATtiny85 boards are based on Micronucleos bootloader, that allows USB communication for both flashing and user code communication. It is fully compatible with Digispark Digistump board and works seamlessly with Digistump Arduino and Digistump Examples.

ATtiny13 board in turn requires bare-chip code and external programmer, in general much more demanding, since it has a fraction of ATtiny85's resources.


Why did I make it?

This project was inspired by IKEA LED candles. I was thinking how would you do one at home, and why would it be better than original, apart for being handmade obviously. A had a fistful of ATtiny13 chips that will do the job together with addressable LEDs. Clearly always better to have few LEDs instead of just one. And clearly it would be nice to power it from any power bank, which is practical in few ways - it kind of looks like candle if you use cylindrical 18650 based ones, also it saves you charging circuit, every power bank already has one. As the next step I re-did the same board with ATtiny85 power house and USB-connectivity, so it will work with micronucleos bootloader and will be flashable with no tools necessary (like Digispark boards).


What makes it special?

Board allows to create a landscape of visual products based on user input. It requires no additional tools to get started and with provided code samples can be jump started in minutes. When done coding - use it together with any power bank in the wild, no wires needed.


Main features

It has three flavors: T13 RGB, T85 RGB, T85 OLED

  T13 RGB T85 RGB T85 OLED
MCU ATtiny13A ATTiny85 ATtiny85
Voltage +5V +5V +5V
RAM 64 B 512 B 512 B
EEPROM 64 B 512 B 512 B
Bootloader None Micronucleos Micronucleos
USB Power only USB communication for flashing and user code USB communication for flashing and user code
USB Programming No Yes Yes
ISP Header Yes Yes Yes
Inputs 2 buttons 2 buttons 1 button
RESET button No Yes Yes
Outputs 4 individually controlled RGB leds 6 individually controlled RGB leds 32x128 Monochrome OLED screen
Additional Peripheral - - PCF8563 RTC clock with CR2012 battery


Sample Firmware

Board comes with firmware samples that allow to focus on your idea instead of fighting with missing dependencies and libraries.

Link Desc T13 RGB T85 RGB T85 OLED
attiny-candle RGB visual effects demonstration Yes Yes Yes
attiny-candle-keyboard Device acts as a keyboard, sending keystokes to the HOST. Button used as a switch. No Yes Yes
attiny-candle-mouse Device acts as a mouse shaking the cursor. Button used as a switch. No Yes Yes
attiny-candle-red-green-light Go-No-Go game using RGB leds Yes Yes Yes



Product is open source and open hardware. All the information can be found on the github repo

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Hobbyist and maker, first took soldering iron at the age of 9 and never dropped it since. Fond of audio related electronics and products. Currently developing everything within 8 to 64 bits range, including cloud connected devices.