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Monthly Archives: June 2023

  1. June 13, 2023

    The Top 5 RP2040 Boards in 2023

    2023 Top 5 RP2040 Boards: Unleashing the best of Raspberry Pi's MCU



    RP2040, the Raspberry Pi Foundation's first in-house chip, was announced in January 2021. The Raspberry Pi Pico, the first development board powered by RP2040, is used in countless projects today.

    Recent introductions such as the Raspberry Pi Pico W, which includes wireless capabilities, have further broadened Pico's appeal. But Pico isn't suitable for every application,

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  2. June 09, 2023

    Everything you should know about LVGL

    LVGL stands for LittlevGL (Light and Versatile Graphics Library), a free, open-source graphics library that provides everything needed to create beautiful visual effects and small memory footprints for embedded GUI applications. Designed to be lightweight, efficient, and portable, LVGL is an ideal choice for resource-constrained devices such as microcontrollers.

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  3. June 07, 2023

    The Ultimate Guide to Toybox 3D printer for Kids

    3D printers have always been an option for adult makers, however, for kids keen on producing their own ideas, Toybox 3D printer has then stood out, 3D printers for kids now have become a new 3D printer commercial opportunity and can help kids establish 3D printing knowledge from a fairly young age, in this blog we'll introduce one of the most popular 3D printers for kids - the Toybox 3D printer.

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  4. June 06, 2023

    All The 3D printer Extruder Basics You Should Know

    The 3D printer extruder is a device that melts filaments (usually plastic) and extrudes them in a controlled manner to build a 3D printed object layer by layer. The 3D printer extruder is a critical component in the 3D printing process. It plays a very important role in determining the accuracy, speed, and quality of the printed object.

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  5. June 02, 2023

    Everything you should know about DC 5V Power Supplies

    A DC 5V power supply is a type of power supply that provides a regulated and stable 5V DC (direct current) output voltage. This low-voltage power supply is commonly used to power electronic devices that require a 5V DC supply, including microcontrollers, sensors, LED lights, USB charging devices, and other low-power electronic components.

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  6. June 01, 2023

    How To Efficiently Perform a Mechanical Keyboard Test

    When it comes to mechanical keyboards, the printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) is a critical part that determines the performance and reliability of the keyboard. The PCBA is responsible for connecting the key switches to the controller and affects the keyboard's response time, input accuracy, and overall durability. Performing a PCBA test on a mechanical keyboard can help you identify potential connection problems and ensure that the keyboard is functioning properly. Elecrow has developed a specialized keyboard tester

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