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  1. September 29, 2022

    The Best Resources for 3D Printing Beginners 2023

    we will discuss where you can get 3D models and download STL files for free. While many models are available to purchase, there are plenty of free models and STL files you can get for free. It’s an easy, time-saving way to get started on your 3D model adventures.
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  2. September 21, 2022

    What is 3D Printing? How does 3D Printing Work?

    In the TV series Westworld, scientists have already been able to print simulated human tissues with 3D Printing technology. Cooperated with AI technology, creating a realistic human being became a reality. Although this only happens in science fiction now, it may come true one day in the future. No one knows.

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  3. September 16, 2022

    Elecrow Raspberry Pi Pico Kit Giveaway Winner Anouncement

    Last month Elecrow held an awesome giveaway for fans with 8 sets of brand new Raspberry Pi Pico Advanced Kit from 8/22. Today comes our winners! Winners are announced on Elecrow's Facebook and Twitter official accounts simultaneity.

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  4. September 16, 2022

    Elecrow Autumn 3D Printing & Acrylic Promotion

    Elecrow has conducted an autumn promotion in acrylic laser cutting and 3D printing on September 19th. More products will be waiting to meet you and related services will be provided. Stay tuned.
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  5. September 07, 2022

    News: Elecrow Sponsor Program On Line!

    We are glad to build partnerships with electronic technicians, engineering students and anyone who is enthusiastic about hardware products or need sponsorship on PCB & PCBA & 3D Printing services by donating free samples or giving away coupons.

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  6. September 01, 2022

    An Introduction to Elecrow Reward Points Program

    Hi, There. We can’t wait to share an exciting news with you guys that Elecrow has launched a refined Reward Points Program in reward for your always kindly support. The points you’ve got can be directly used as a deduction when purchasing the products on sale. More purchases, more points. More points, more discounts!
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  7. August 29, 2022

    GIVEAWAY: Get 8 Sets of Elecrow Raspberry Pi Pico Advanced Kit for Free

    Elecrow is running an awesome giveaway for fans with 8 sets of brand new Raspberry Pi Pico Advanced Kit from 8/22-9/15. 

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  8. August 24, 2022

    PCB Surface Treatment Processes

    During the PCB manufacturing process , there will be a process that covering the surface of the pad with a layer of material to protect the pad from oxidation. The common PCB surface treatment processes are: HASL (Hot Air Solder Leveling), OSP (Organic Soldering Preservative), Immersion Tin, Immersion Gold, Immersion Silver and so on.


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  9. August 17, 2022

    A Comprehensive Study of Common Classifications and Features of PCB

    PCB is one of the basic components of the electronics industry. These printed circuit boards are applied to enable electrical interconnection between various components. PCBs are divided into diverse categories on different purposes, and this article will dive into the common classifications and features of different PCB types.

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  10. August 10, 2022

    Six Steps to Fulfill the Whole PCB Manufacturing Process

    PCBs are the basis of most modern electronic devices. They have wiring and pads connecting individual points together. It takes 6 steps to fulfill the whole PCB manufacturing process. Now, we will introduce them one by one through pictures.

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