Elecrow News

  1. September 16, 2022

    Elecrow Raspberry Pi Pico Kit Giveaway Winner Anouncement

    Last month Elecrow held an awesome giveaway for fans with 8 sets of brand new Raspberry Pi Pico Advanced Kit from 8/22. Today comes our winners! Winners are announced on Elecrow's Facebook and Twitter official accounts simultaneity.

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  2. September 16, 2022

    Elecrow Autumn 3D Printing & Acrylic Promotion

    Elecrow has conducted an autumn promotion in acrylic laser cutting and 3D printing on September 19th. More products will be waiting to meet you and related services will be provided. Stay tuned.
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  3. September 07, 2022

    News: Elecrow Sponsor Program On Line!

    We are glad to build partnerships with electronic technicians, engineering students and anyone who is enthusiastic about hardware products or need sponsorship on PCB & PCBA & 3D Printing services by donating free samples or giving away coupons.

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  4. September 01, 2022

    An Introduction to Elecrow Reward Points Program

    Hi, There. We can’t wait to share an exciting news with you guys that Elecrow has launched a refined Reward Points Program in reward for your always kindly support. The points you’ve got can be directly used as a deduction when purchasing the products on sale. More purchases, more points. More points, more discounts!
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  5. August 29, 2022

    GIVEAWAY: Get 8 Sets of Elecrow Raspberry Pi Pico Advanced Kit for Free

    Elecrow is running an awesome giveaway for fans with 8 sets of brand new Raspberry Pi Pico Advanced Kit from 8/22-9/15. 

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  6. July 05, 2022

    New Arrival: CrowPi L, Your Real Raspberry Pi Laptop for Learning Programming and Hardware

    CrowPi-L is a lite version born out of CrowPi2, where "L" stands for Lite, Light, and Laptop. CrowPi-L is a real Raspberry Pi computer designed for the programming beginners. It was introduced after resolving a few restrictions identified by the users and Raspberry Pi enthusiasts. Some of the issues faced by the users included difficulty in installing the Raspberry Pi, switching systems, cooling and connecting an external display.  CrowPi-L will give users a new experience.

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  7. May 24, 2022

    Last Chance To Get Your Green Thumb-GrowCube: A Super Smart Watering Kit

    Now is the last chance to get your green thumb-GrowCube: A Super Smart Watering Kit, with only 3 days left in our 4th Kickstarter Campaign, time is running out for you to lock in incredible deals on the GrowCube. Hurry to secure yours as inventory is extremely limited and we will never be offering it at this price again!

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  8. May 09, 2022

    The Best Gift Idea Of 2022: GrowCube - A super smart watering kit

    The best gift idea of 2022-GrowCube-A smart watering kit hits on Kickstarter, if you are still looking for a special gift, it’s time to get your green thumb at an unprecedented discount! We can't wait to see GrowCube help you plant easier~ Not everyone has green thumbs, but every plant deserves to be cared for!

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  9. April 06, 2022

    GrowCube-A smart watering kit hits on KickStarter Now

    GrowCube is the world's super smart automatic watering device based on four independent soil moisture sensors and water outlets. Let's back us on Kickstarter to get up to 35% off.

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  10. March 14, 2022

    [IMPORTANT] Elecrow Delivery Suspending Notification

    In response to the current COVID situation in Shenzhen, China, the local authorities have implemented epidemic control and prevention measures to ensure the safety of citizens and control the spread of COVID. In accordance with these measures, from the 14th to the 20th of March, Elecrow’s services have been affected as follows.

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