Robot, depended by many areas, has already taken up rather essential places to human beings for its great difference. Have you ever tried to make a robot with useful tutorials? And here I just gonna share you two nice and careful projects. I wish they could help you make a difference too. Build a 4WD Arduino Robot   With a 4WD Mobile Platform for Arduino Smart Robot Car, we could build a four-wheeled robot that can drive around and avoid obstacles. To begin with, you are supposed to attach the motors and the H bridge to the lower part of the chassis. First, attach the four metal brackets to each motor using two long bolts and two nuts. The next step is to secure the H bridge to the chassis  and then you can start wiring up the power supply. Now that you have the motors and the power supply all wired up, slide the wheels onto the motor drive shafts, and attach the four copper shafts in the locations. This robot is starting to take shape! Detailed tutorial please see arduino-bad-bot Make A Simple Servo Walking Robot As we see, Bipeds are really cool because they are by far the most recognizable kind of robot.Certainly with Bipeds you can make a simple bipedal robot with four micro servo motors (which are pretty cheap), an arduino and a breadboard. The robot can walk, kick, dance, navigate slopes etc. Firstly prepare well what you need and then attach motors together. Secondly,you can attach a piece of cardboard to the top of the legs and mount the arduino and breadboard on to it after wiring. Finally, you could take two square pieces of card and stick them to the bottom of the legs to give the robot bigger feet and better balance. All is complete ! Detailed tutorial please see Make A Simple Servo Walking RobotAccording to the projects,you may need tools as follows for your reference. [table id=17 /] And finally allow me to share you top 10 Arduino Robots, may them arouse your much creativity.