Today we are excited to introduce our new project-Crowbits! Crowbits is a line of programmable, snap-together electronic building blocks that combine easy magnetic connections with graphical programming software to implement functional and basic designs. Crowbits is a great tool both for developing a child’s creativity and for teaching STEM concepts. 


We have designed several Kits according to users’ different needs, respectively no-programming kit(Hellokits), programming kit(Explorer Kit, Creator Kit, Inventor Kit) and application kit(Master Kit). They will be on Kickstarter soon! Want to win Hellokits and a Micro:bit Coding kit for free? Then enter this link: to win Crowbits free, we will pick up 10 winner! Please enter to leave your email to get the prompt infos!



Plug and Play

None of primary modules require coding. The magnetic snap on the side of the Crowbits modules allows you to quickly connect Crowbits together with a magnet or magnetic cable. It’s simply and easy to use. Just snap the modules together anyway you want and you can get a project started.



Colour-coded electronic modules

Crowbits includes more that 80 modules. They are divided into four types, they are color coded by function, also comes in three dimensions.



Compatible with Lego blocks

We designed lego-compatible holes for all modules. Attach Crowbits to Lego blocks to make your projects full of attraction and lively.



Programming Platform: Letscode

A Scratch 3.0 based Graphical Programming Tool. Support open source hardware such as Arduino, Micro: Bit, Crowtail, Crowbits, etc. Just drag and drop the graphical block, children can set a new project into motion in a matter of seconds.



Interesting, isn't it? Please stay tuned to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, blog to know more detail!