Finger Spinner is known as Hand Spinner,which working principle is similar to the old version that adopts the symmetrical bearing construction. It’s a funny toy that can spin in the finger without other component in some time. From 2016, Finger Spinner began popular in NA. At the same time, it had got highly attention in the NS Moments and its click rate was over one hundred million in the youtube. According the psychiatrist’s survey, Finger Spinner not only help people who have fidgeting issues but also play an important part in the way that cultivate the attention of ADHD. Besides, it also had collection value according their material and shape or spin effects. Next, we will introduce the most popular Hand-made Finger Spinner.

First, 3D Printed Flashdrive Fidget Spinner. Features:
  1. Material is Plastic.
  2. Through testing, the product can be turned over 5 minutes.
  3. Precision CNC maching one molding.
  4. Use the Metal Bearing, you do not need more any maintain, do not need to add lubricating oil.
  5. Adopt the 3D Printed technology, combine the Finger Spinner and Flashdrive, don’t worry about lost your USB Flash Disk.
Second, LED Hand Spinner Fidget Toy – Fai date – Life Hack. This product’s novel is using the adhesives to bond the LED in different colors on the bearing’s edge. While working, the LED would be shinning all the time. Third, 99999+ RPM Fidget Spinner Toy from GIACO Whatever that adopts special start device that was process welding. What’s more, its rotation speed is faster than the two former and the rotating effect is smooth and steady. If you want to have a try or get further knowledge or Hand Spinner, you can start with some common finger spinners, such as our DEC Hand Spinner. It’s a great way to get start with trying. And you can find them on Elecrow on line store. Else, if you have better DIY finger spinner design, you can leave a comment to tell us. We're pleased to help you share.