Elecrow's Crowbits Bring STEM Learning to LEGO

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Incorporate coding into your LEGO building; Crowbits has a compatible STEM system to expand the LEGO world.


STEM devices are an excellent way to incorporate learning into play. STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, teaches kids (and grownups, too) the basics of important modern skills like programming and coding.


Crowbits is developing an excellent solution, which combines with LEGO to add fun and excitement to learning.


Elecrow Bringing Crowbits STEM Devices to LEGO

Elecrow has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for Crowbits, its new programmable STEM blocks for children. Well, we say children, but what adult doesn't like LEGO too?


We mention LEGO, as the Crowbots system is fully conversant with LEGO thanks to a compatible block included with the set. This means you can program the Crowbits STEM blocks and then build a LEGO model around it, bringing it to life—or at least adding an extra dimension to the popular brick-building toy.


Sounds like great fun!


What Are Crowbits?

Well, Elecrow describes its own product best, and here is what it has to say about the inventive new Crowbits system:


So, each "Crowbit" represents a module that falls under one of four functions. The Crowbits work on their own, or as part of the LEGO ecosystem.

Basically, you get a range of modules that snap together magnetically. These modules are programmable, but they also work independently of any coding, straight out of the box. Likewise, you can program the modules using a dedicated coding environment; Letscode



What Can Crowbits Do?

You'd probably be better asking what can't Crowbits do, because this is a pretty versatile STEM learning resource.


The system is capable of four functions via the massive 80+ modules you receive in the box. You can see which functions are available via the image above; Power/logic/main board, Input modules, Output modules, and IIC/UART Modules.

There are three difficulty levels. The first requires no coding and works straight from the box. It deals with electronic and engineering skills. You get a basic electronics kit included with the stage one set.



Bring Even More STEM Skills to LEGO Play

With home schooling still very much a thing, finding new, inventive ways to encourage your children to learn is important. Bringing coding and programming to LEGO seems like an excellent idea and one that kids will genuinely enjoy.

Of course, there are plenty of other STEM toys on the market. While you wait for your Crowbits to ship, why not check out what else is available to make learning fun?