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Elecrow Member System: Rewards All Our Supporters!

Hi, friends! If you have read our previous blog introducing Elecrow Project Community, you’ll know it is a platform where you can learn expertise, share projects, access reviews, draw inspiration, and earn rewards. Today, we are unveiling every detail of the rewards you’ll get at Elecrow. Keep reading and don’t miss out!


To show our appreciation for each of you, we're excited to introduce our Member System and Coins System. By becoming a member and participating in our community, you can earn Reward Points, Coins and upgrade your membership level, unlocking exclusive discounts, gifts, and more!

The Solar System Membership Adventure

What are Membership & Reward Points?

Every registered Elecrow user is automatically enrolled in our Member System, which includes levels from LV0 to LV6. Your membership level is determined by the number of Reward Points you have, granting you access to various privileges and benefits as you level up.

  • LEVEL 1: Mercury - The Dawn of a New Journey
    Start your adventure with Mercury, symbolizing curiosity and the beginning of your exploration in the Elecrow universe.
  • LEVEL 2: Mars - The Spirit of Discovery
    As a Mars member, embody the spirit of discovery and advance beyond novice status, ready to uncover more features and benefits of Elecrow.
  • LEVEL 3: Venus - The Brilliance of Advancement
    Venus symbolizes your growing expertise and the enhanced experiences that illuminate your path forward.

elecrow membership level

  • LEVEL 4: Earth - The Balance of Possibilities
    Earth represents balance and abundance, where you enjoy a well-rounded blend of all the features Elecrow offers.
  • LEVEL 5: Saturn - The Elegance of Mastery
    Saturn signifies elegance and mastery, with premium benefits that elevate your Elecrow experience.
  • LEVEL 6: Jupiter - The Giant of Excellence
    Finally, ascend to Jupiter, embodying excellence and unparalleled access to the ultimate benefits, exclusive features, and top-tier support in the Elecrow journey.

Benefits of Membership Levels

As you progress through the membership levels, you'll enjoy:

  • Order Discounts: Receive a discount on each order ranging from 1% to 6%, depending on your membership level. (Note: The member discount is not available for partner sellers' products and special offers.)
  • Upgrade Gifts: Each time you level up, you'll receive a special gift. This gift will be automatically added to your shopping cart. You can choose to pay the shipping fee to receive it immediately, or have it shipped with your next order.

elecrow membership level

How to Earn Reward Points

Placing Orders: Reward Points are automatically added to your account after each order is completed. The number of Reward Points you earn is equal to the price of the products in your order. For example, a $1 product earns you 1 Point (excluding shipping and discounts). These points accumulate over time and are never consumed, so the more you order, the more points you earn to upgrade your membership level.

how to get reward points

To see your current Reward Points balance, click here to log in to your account.

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Coins System

What are Coins?

Coins are our way of rewarding active members at Elecrow Project Community. By participating in our community and completing various tasks, you can earn Coins that can be redeemed for valuable rewards.

elecrow coins system

Benefits of Coins

Redeem for Rewards: Accumulate enough Coins and spend them at the Redemption Center. You can exchange your Coins for exciting rewards like $1,000 cash coupons and mechanical keyboards, etc. Stay tuned to find more amazing gifts that are being added regularly!

elecrow coins system

How to Earn Coins

Two important tips to earn more Coins:

  • Daily check-in: Engage with our community by logging in daily and checking in.
  • Be Active in the Community: Share your designs/projects and provide feedback to earn Coins.

Click here to explore all the ways you can earn Coins.

To view your current Coins balance, log in to your account and click here.

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Join Us Today!

With Elecrow’s Member System and Coins System, we aim to reward all our dedicated supporters. Dive in, participate, and start claiming your rewards today! Whether you're a seasoned member or new to the community, there are endless opportunities for you to explore. Thank you for being a valued part of the Elecrow community. The best is yet to come, and we can't wait to see you thrive with us!

Your journey to endless rewards begins now!