News: Elecrow Sponsor Program On Line!


We know clearly that there are still countless intelligent people who are worrying about how to start their own projects and countless good ideas are buried for realistic reasons. To help bring these innovative ideas to life, Elecrow started up a sponsor program as one of its long-term strategies.
We are glad to build partnerships with electronic technicians, engineering students and anyone who is enthusiastic about hardware products or need sponsorship on PCB & PCBA & 3D Printing services by donating free samples or giving away coupons.


We offer four forms of sponsorship: Products Sponsorship, PCB Sponsorship, PCBA Sponsorship, 3D Printing & Acrylic Sponsorship.


Products Sponsorship: Elecrow is a company that has been engaged in the open source hardware industry for many years and gradually focuses on providing incubation, production and sales of innovative products from 0 to 1. We have launched many types of products around Raspberry Pi, Arduino, IoT, smart home, etc. Our goal has always been bringing more valuable products to people's studies and life.


PCB Sponsorship: As one of the most experienced PCB manufacturers in China, Elecrow provides a full range of PCB services to meet your design needs. You will definitely get sponsored as long as you feel confident enough about your cool project and describe it in detail on our online application form.


PCBA Sponsorship: Many designers and developers may have encountered this problem: the product's design and development processes have been proceeding smoothly, but problem occurs when it comes to production. Don’t worry. Elecrow has a professional team to finish the PCBA manufacturing. Meanwhile we are looking for cooperative designers. If you are willing to authorize your designs to sell on our website, it will be a win-win cooperation.


3D Printing & Acrylic Sponsorship: Whether you want to design a formed product, or just want to DIY a small gadget, 3D printing is always the best way to produce design prototypes and concept models quickly and cost-effectively. We cherish the inspiration of every designer, and we want to witness the birth of great creation with you.


 elecrow sponsorship program




Sponsorship Questionnaire


After the questionnaire is submitted, we will check and evaluate your project. If it is appropriate, we will contact you within 48 hours. As long as you have an innovative idea, Elecrow will help you bring it to life.