ESP32 is a latest low-cost and low consumption wifi module, Bluetooth, double processing chip. It has power performance, RF performance, stability, versatility and reliability and suitable for a variety of applications and different power requirements. In addition, it was designed for mobile devices, wearable electronic products and internet of things applications. The module is generally applied to wifi audio solution, wifi mini camera, 3D games, mesh networking, intelligence home and mobile networking, etc. You can buy ESP32 Module at the Elecrow online store and I believe it will give you a good experience. Click to buy Next, I want to share four projects about ESP32 with you that “ESP32 Arduino IDE "Hello World" ”,  “Indoor Air Quality with ESP32”, “ESP32 touch controlled led using Arduino IDE “ and “ESP32 WiFi Range Testing - 10km using Directional Antenna”.
  1. ESP32 Arduino IDE "Hello World
The project is mainly about the simple few steps that use the Arduino IDE programming an ESP32 Dev board with the MS Windows 10. Before use the ESP32 programming, need to pay attention to the following: First, you should set up arduino programming environment (installing the ESP32 motherboard). Second, install python. Third, you need to manually copy/paste the ESP32 arduino core to the Arduino IDE directory and then insert ESP32 in an USB to finish testing. If you need any help, you can go to the following website to read more.
  1. Indoor Air Quality With ESP32
In this tutorial it looks at measuring the following parameters that determine the quality of indoor air by using the ESP32. Parameters: Temperature in degree Celsius, humidity in percentage, the content of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and organic hydrocarbons in the air. Parts needs: ESP32 Dev Board (or any other ESP32 based board), OLED Display (optional), voc sensor and temperature and humidity sensor. Second, you should download integrated the arduino code, and log the arduino code into the board. Third, logging the data into thing speak. Before this, you must create an account and another 4 channels to record each parameter. The diagram of the working principle is shown below: esp32 And you can go to the read more. In addition, with the popularity of the voice interface, ESP32 can also support dragon naturally speaking professional that make the intelligent hardware taking the first step toward the AI platform. At the same time, ESP32 can not only use the Bluetooth function to connect the phone, but also transfer data to Clouds with WIFI function.
  1. ESP32 Touch Controlled LED Using Arduino IDE
There is a light on the development board as a feedback indicator and uses built-in touch sensors on the ESP32 Module to control an LED lights. This tutorial uses the Arduino library to program the ESP32 and wires to input the touch sensors, then the LED would change intensity according to your touch. Read more and Download code can be viewed
  1. ESP32 WiFi Range Testing - 10km using Directional Antenna
In this video, you see the Hohenneuffen castle first that the distance from the camera about 10km and the video mainly about the developer who using the ESP32 use the ESP32 chip to connect a camera module and a directional antenna to achieve 10km photo transmission. First, use the Friis Equation to estimate the intensity of receipting the signal. Second, additional use some similar USB WIFI adapter receiver and 2.4GHz directional antenna. Third, as long as manual the antenna toward to the direction of the castle, we can get the signal strength we want. Although the transmission of the picture quality is not very good, it is no problem that accepting the ESP32 chip sent outside signal in the 10km. At last, enclosed a working principle diagram of the ESP32 using Bluetooth function to assist WIFI connection to the router. esp32 module The above is an only part of the application of ESP32 projects, if you have more ESP32 projects or DIY ESP32 projects, you can also share with us.