Do you miss the gyro toys we love playing when we are young? Now this toy idea have changed to large new world with plenty of great inventions like the unmanned aerial vehicles. The gyroscope shares a variety of categories and it could be divided to sensing gyroscope and indicating gyroscope from its function. The sensing gyroscope is mainly applied to the flying automatic control system for movement control of flying objects while the indicating gyroscope is mainly used in driving and pilot meter to indicate directions. Follows please enjoy two videos, you could get more different about gyroscope from the videos. Tim Peake demonstrates gyroscope - BBC News Gyroscope Tricks and Physics Stunts ~ Incredible Science The Gyroscope is very popular for its wide range applications especially when it is combined with sensor. Gyro sensors, also known as angular rate sensors or angular velocity sensors, are devices that sense angular velocity. With gyro sensors you can realize applications of angular velocity sensing, angle sensing and control mechanism like checking athletic movement, car navigation systems, game controllers and vehicle control and so on. I have searched a project that made by gyro sensor which is rather interesting, you can also use mobile gyro sensor to control any thing in real life. Let’s see ! Gyro Sensor Controlled Car First of all, make sure you have a car or you can do the chassis construction. Then, connect the electronics and program your controller. Finally you just need to download an app for your Arduino car usage and then you could receive data from the connections of mobile,bluetooth and microcontroller. gyro sensor controlled car Is it easy? If you like this project, just follow me to read below. Follows are the gyro sensors that could help your gyro creativity. [table id=18 /] With these sensors you can make Gyro Sensor Controlled Car WORLD CHAMPION RC Helicopter pilot Demonstrates his Awesome Skills

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