Hello,Here To See Elecrow's Service Rating Result Anouncement
It has been a month since we released the "Elecrow Service Rating" survey and there are so many kind customers who participated in this questionnaire up to Nov.7th, we are sincerely appreciated to get your feedback about our service and also moved a lot to see our customers' recognition and supports to us. Here I share this survey result for all to witness Elecrow's performance and progress together and also we will present five selected loyal customers 10$ which is 1000 reward points for this participation. Congratulations ! 22182466 They are: 1.steve@thxxxer.com 2.alxxxor@gmail.com 3.info@maxxxar.com  4.1xxxove@noxxxrn.edu 5.admin@smxxxts.com Dear customers, welcome to concern Elecrow's activties and  wish you get next rewards ~(*^-^*)~ Our customers of Bare PCB/PCBA Service expressed splendid attitude most for our service Price, Quality,Lead time, Communication and Shipping. pcb-service-chart Proudedly, there are 91.3% who rated 5 Stars for their final experience with Elecrow's service and 8.7% for 4 Stars in the survey. rate-service-chart_%e5%89%af%e6%9c%ac Last but not the least, when it asked for any complaint or suggestion, you are so kind and nice to tell us your supports 22182466 suggestion1 ------------daxxd@voxxxb.com suggestion3 --------------xxb@zuxxxne.de suggestion5 -----------info@maxxxar.com suggestion6 -----------adamxxxo@gmail.com suggestion7 ------------ads@stxxxn.de And also we are appreciated to receive sincere suggestions for some improvement for we are aimed to try our best to satisfy you more and more ! It would be great if you could offer an express service. It typically takes ~4 weeks from payment to boards arriving in the UK. If there was anyway it could be faster, even if only for small volumes that would be great. Occasionally component values are changed, and design files modified without being told. It would be better if we can always be kept informed of any changes. Generally great service! -----------steve@thxxxer.com We pay for the 24 hour services 48 hours before the holiday week. The PCB was sent after the holiday. No notice, no advise, no refund.  When we pay extra for 24h hours, you should respect it. If you get an uncontrollable delay you should at least advise.  Thanks. ------------from the order2256700972 I am very happy with Elecrow!  The service is very fast at a good price, and the quality is good.  I like receiving a picture of my order by e-mail before shipping.  If you could make it higher quality or show better pictures of PCB's, that would be great! ------------daxxx15@gmail.com I am very satisfied with the service that sending a picture before shipping. do you have a plan of add any colors?(Acrylic Laser Cutting Service) -----------syxxx31@yahoo.co.jp Dear customers, thank you very much and your affirmation is the great motivation for us to advance further and further! In the later days we will keep our best service for you and alwasys go all out for great improvement and progress. We are makers. Elecrow bazaar, maker you making easier