September: Fresh Cool Modules For DIY Electronic Projects
Nowadays Elecrow has increased many kinds of new products, welcome to take actions to find whether there is one that catches your ideas of creativity ! A7 GPRS+GSM+GPS Shield New added GPS function compared with A6 GPRS/GSM Shield to make a simple phone or more a7-gprsgsmgps-shield DC12V Small Electric Cabinet Lock Shares wide smart electric lock occasions like the vending Machine, express cupboard and the storage cupboards and so forth. If you wanna replace your mechanical lock with a digital one, this will be a nice choice. It can help you realize several projects such as NFC lock, RFID lock, fingerprint lock etc dc12v-small-electric-cabinet-lock W1209 High-precision Digital Thermostat Incubator Temperature Controller WIth high temperature alert and Low temperature regulation to keep temperature at certain degree .This moudle is a necessity in automatic temperature control system. The precision can be up to 0.1℃. You can connect a buzzer to realize high temperature alert function w1209-high-precision-digital-thermostat-incubator-temperature-controller High-power MOSFET Trigger Switch Drive Module with active output, lower resistance, more current, strong power to control high power devices easily high-power-mosfet-trigger-switch-drive-module 2 In 1 TF Cards Dual System Switcher for Raspberry Pi For Raspberry pi B+/2B/3B with double switch systems  to transfer at the poking of the switch which is very convenient to use two TF cards at the same time 2-in-1-tf-cards-dual-system-switcher-for-raspberry-pi   10.1 Inch Portable HD Display for Raspberry Pi 3 10.1 inches large screen, high resolution of 1024x600, with speakers and many interfaces of HDMI+VGA+AV+TV+USB 10-1-inch-portable-hd-display-for-raspberry-pi-3 ESP8266 NodeMCU IOT Kit Powerful kit goes with 27 kinds of Crowtail modules and 19 detailed lessons for smart home and IOT projects such as ESP8266 Wireless Toilet Usage Indicator (Smart Home) esp8266-nodemcu-iot-kit Crowtail- Deluxe Kit for Arduino 24 kinds of powerful modules and 18 lessons with powerful A6 GPRS/GSM module and Crowtail- ESP8266 nodeMCU for Smart home, IOT, M2M applications like phones, automotion, industry and PDA, personal tracking crowtail-deluxe-kit-for-arduino 5pcs- Acrylic Laser Cutting Service Special service for your customed laser cutting 5pcs-acrylic-laser-cutting-service Want more? Welcome to browse this page. new-products By the way, tomorrow is our traditional mid-autumn festival,  we have vacation from 15th-17th. Although there will be a slight delay on your order process, you can still place your oder as usual,we will arrange the orders ASAP after we come back to work. Thanks  a lot