The 4 Wonderful Elecrow Soldering Kits you can use to enhance your electronic projects

The 4 Wonderful Elecrow Soldering Kits you can use to enhance your electronic projects



Are you ready to take your electronic projects to new heights? Whether you're a proficient electronics enthusiast or just starting your journey in the electronics industry, having the right tools and maker kits can make all the difference. In this blog, we will introduce you to 4 incredible soldering kits from Elecrow that will not only enhance your skills but also add a touch of fun and innovation to your projects.



Discrete 555 Timer Kit


The 555 timer IC soldering kit is indeed a versatile and widely used integrated circuit that was first introduced in 1971 by Signetics Corporation. It has since become a fundamental component in various electronic circuits due to its simplicity and reliability. The 555 timer can be used for a wide range of applications such as oscillators, timers, pulse generators, and more.

The educational soldering kit allows you to build your own 555 timer circuit and provides all the necessary components and a high-quality PCB (Printed Circuit Board) for assembly. Additionally, the kit includes a PDF download with detailed instructions for the build.

 Discrete 555 Timer Kit


To successfully complete the kit, you will need the following tools:


  1. Soldering iron: This tool is used to solder the components onto the PCB. Make sure to use a soldering iron suitable for electronic soldering.


  1. Solder: Solder is some type of metal alloy used to create electrical connections between components and the PCB. You'll need solder to attach the components to the PCB.


  1. Small side-cutters: These cutters are used to trim the excess leads of the components after soldering.


  1. 5V DC power source: You'll need a 5V DC power source to supply power to the completed 555 timer circuit. This power source can be a battery pack or a power supply capable of providing 5V DC.


Handy tools to have "just in case":


  1. Desoldering tool: Sometimes, mistakes happen during soldering, and components need to be removed. A desoldering tool helps to remove solder from the PCB and allows you to correct any errors.


  1. Solder wick: Solder wick, also known as desoldering wick, is used to remove excess solder or to clean up solder joints. It absorbs molten solder and helps with desoldering or cleaning tasks.


  1. Small pliers: Small pliers can be handy for bending component leads, holding small parts, or making adjustments during assembly.


  1. Digital Multimeter: A digital multimeter is a versatile tool for measuring voltage, current, and resistance. It can be useful for troubleshooting and verifying the correct operation of the completed circuit.


With the provided soldering kit contents and the necessary tools, you should be able to successfully build your own 555 timer circuit following the instructions provided in the downloadable PDF.


Click here to find out more about the 555 Timer Soldering kit and enjoy your electronics project!



Space Girl Soldering Kit


The beautiful space girl soldering kit is a unique creation designed by Steph Piper, a creative technologist from MakerQueen AU in Australia. This kit resembles an enamel pin and features a rare two-tone solder mask effect, giving it a distinct and eye-catching appearance.

Space Girl Soldering Kit includes a custom-designed printed circuit board (PCB) along with LED lights, a switch, a badge pin and clasp, a battery holder, and a screw to secure the battery. The assembly process can be followed using the instructions provided on the back of the kit or by watching an assembly tutorial video on YouTube.

It's important to note that the kit does not include solder, a soldering iron, or the battery required for operation. Additionally, the soldering kit is recommended for older kids due to the potential swallowing hazard associated with the included CR2302 coin cell battery.

 Space Girl Soldering Kit

This kit features a beautiful and stunning design that can ignite STEAM enthusiasm in children, regardless of gender. It is a soldering kit that encourages both boys and girls to take their first step into the world of STEAM exploration. With its captivating aesthetics, this kit is the perfect tool to inspire and engage kids from all backgrounds, providing an inclusive and fun learning experience.

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Sunny Surprise Soldering Kit


The "Sunny Surprise" soldering kit is part of the Alpenglow Beginning Soldering weather-themed series. It is a solder-it-yourself through-hole board that features self-flashing yellow LEDs. The purpose of this series is to provide small and simple boards for people to learn and practice through-hole soldering techniques. The "Sunny Surprise" board has a few more LEDs compared to other boards in the series, such as the Happy Rain Cloud, Angry Storm Cloud, and Chilly Snow Cloud. It offers an opportunity for learners to practice soldering LEDs at a right angle. Once you complete this kit, you can see the special Radiant Rainbow effect.

 Sunny Surprise Soldering Kit

The design of the "Sunny Surprise" board includes an exposed gold-plated copper sun with a clear solder mask over copper serving as the background. The creators, always seeking new and interesting color schemes for their printed circuit boards (PCBs), have incorporated these elements into the design.

Regarding the name "Sunny Surprise," there is an interesting backstory. It dates back to when Carrie, one of the creators, was in college at Harvey Mudd. In a corner room of West Dorm, a group of mischievous individuals resided. As students walked back from their morning classes, they would pass underneath this corner of the dorm. Suddenly, an enthusiastic and somewhat mischievous falsetto voice would exclaim, "Sunny Surprise!!!" Unsuspecting passersby, whose minds were engrossed in scientific thoughts, would find themselves momentarily blinded by a mirror reflecting the morning sun straight into their eyes. While some people might have been grumpy about this unexpected encounter, Carrie found it amusing. Although the "Sunny Surprise" kit's sun design is not as blindingly shiny, it features a playful and surprised face, allowing you to experience your very own "Sunny Surprise" while retaining your eyesight.

These details add a fun and personal touch to the design and story behind the "Sunny Surprise" soldering kit.

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Jumperless Rev 2 Kit


The Jumperless Rev 2 Kit, a revolutionary breadboard with its unique design and programmable connections, offers a hassle-free assembly process and unparalleled flexibility.

The Jumperless Rev 2 Kit comes partially assembled, saving you time and effort. The main board already has all the surface mount components in place, allowing you to focus on the final through-hole assembly. In just about an hour and a half, you'll have a fully functional breadboard ready to bring your ideas to life.

It helps you get rid of messy jumper wires and tangled connections. The Jumperless Rev 2 Kit features analog crosspoint switches that eliminate the need for physical jumpers. Simply set the rail voltages using the convenient switch on the board, and you're ready to go. Choose between +-8V, 5V, or 3.3V to suit your project's requirements.

With its RP2040 microcontroller, the Jumperless Rev 2 Kit empowers you to explore a wide range of circuit possibilities. The programmable connections offer unprecedented versatility, allowing you to experiment with digital and analog signals effortlessly. If you encounter any connection challenges, the built-in pathfinding code will guide you and even notify you of any issues.

Worried about resistance impacting your circuits? Fear not! While the Jumperless Rev 2 Kit has some resistance in its connections, it's carefully matched and optimized. In practice, the impact on most circuits is negligible. And if you need even lower resistance, you can make redundant connections and halve it each time.

 Jumperless Rev 2 Kit

We understand that precision and performance matter to you. That's why we stand behind the quality of our product. If you happen to run into any issues with the CH446Q crosspoint switches, we'll repair them for free. And for those pushing the limits, we'll include extra CH446Qs in the box, so you can easily replace them with a hot air gun if needed.

Experience the future of breadboarding with the Jumperless Rev 2 Kit. Its innovative design, ease of assembly, and unmatched flexibility make it the ideal choice for hobbyists, students, and professionals alike. You can even visit the creator’s Hackaday project page and GitHub repository for more information and start building your circuits like never before!

Click here for more information about the Jumperless Rev 2 Kit.




Final Words


In a nutshell, the four wonderful soldering kits from Elecrow offer a gateway to endless possibilities in the realm of electronic projects. Whether you're delving into the inner workings of the classic 555 timer with the Discrete 555 Timer Kit, embarking on an out-of-this-world adventure with the Space Girl Kit, revolutionizing your circuit-building experience with the Jumperless Rev 2 Kit, or adding a touch of personality with the Sunny Surprise Soldering Kit, these kits are designed to inspire, educate, and empower. Elecrow's commitment to inclusivity ensures that both boys and girls can dive into the world of soldering and STEAM exploration. So, grab your soldering iron, unleash your creativity, and let Elecrow's soldering kits elevate your electronic projects to new heights. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey of discovery and innovation!

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