The Age of Wireless Charging and Iphone7
On this 21 century, with rapid development of technology you must have heard of  wireless charging and new arrival of Iphone7. They have already taken up hot place of market and people's concerns. Especially wireless charging uses electromagnetic fields to safely transfer power from a transmitting source to a receiving device for the purposes of charging or recharging a battery. And as the name suggests, it does so without the use of a physical connection which brings people much convenience and high effectivity. As for how it works ? Absolutely it works simple so you just put your hardware down and when you need it, pick it up and it’s fully charged. Wireless charging is based on the principle of magnetic resonance, or Inductive Power Transfer (IPT). This is the process of transferring an electrical current between two objects through the use of coils to induce an electromagnetic field. And the diagram below simplifies the process of wireless charging and power transfer into 5 key steps. the process of wireless charging and power Iphone Related to wireless charging, another hot object of debate recently is Iphone7.As many other wireless charging fans will agree to, the ability to just sit your device down on a desk and have it charge automatically without having to deal with cables is fantastically convenient. I have heard somebody argues that he now uses wireless charging about 90% of the time he charge his iPhone 6. He finds that he charges it more often and his desk looks less cluttered too. So this would be a big selling point for him, but sadly, it’s one feature that hasn’t been widely-rumored for the iPhone 7. Is it right and what the truth about Iphone7 on earth? Let me share a video for you to know clearly. View more about Wireless Charging using For Wireless charging using, follows could help you. [table id=9 /]