We have been doing with the CrowPi Python Lessons to encourage people to learn electronics, computer science and programming these days.And now they are done so you can do something by yourself with your CrowPi. As we all know, python is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language, and now is commonly used in artificial intelligence projects and extensively used in the information security industry, including in exploit development.That’s the reason why we worked out this series of videos to teach you how to programming in python with CrowPi . In addition, you can master the basic common knowledge of sensor.Here we go. We actually made this course before in text.But now the previous 21 python text courses are now all made into videos which is given by our software engineer Roni. And our new edition of course has the following advantages:
  1. These lessons explain the principle and usage of sensor in detail which is not included in the text courses
  2. These lessons provide instructions on how to complete the project step by step, so you can learn even you are a student or a teenage without electronics and programming background.
  3. More recreational, you can explore more complicated projects once you master the usage of these individual sensor and output devices.
Action speaks louder than words,we’ll show you how to detect room temperature and humidity from the video below. Visit our CrowPi Python Lesson playlist on YouTube if you want to view all the videos so that make your ideas reality.