Why MPN(Manufacturer Part Number) is Necessary for PCBA?

To Our Dearest Customers Who Place PCBA Orders to Us:

You know that every time when you send an inquiry for PCBA project, our project manager will ask you to send the Gerber file and BOM to us so that we can work on the quotation accordingly. Today what we want to talk about is the MPN, which is a key column in your BOM list.

Firstly, what is MPN? How to get the correct MPN?

The MPN(manufacturer part number) is an uniform component code, which is recognized by all different component sourcing channels, such as Digikey/Mouser/Element14 etc. And you can easily get the correct MPN from these channels.

See examples below (the marked one is the MPN):

For your reference, our procedures for orders with and without MPN are described below:

  1. For the orders with MPN in the BOM list. Once our PM received the BOM, everything is already very clear and accurate. The PM can directly follow the MPN for each component to work on the quotation, and the quotation can be finished and send to you within 8hours.
  2. For other orders without MPN in the BOM list, usually includes Digikey part number/Mouser part number or no part No., only some descriptions or pictures for the components. In this case, once after receiving the BOM, the PM firstly will try to identify those components one by one. Sometimes, due to the diversified or ambiguous information, PM need to double confirm with customer back and forth for a few times to avoid mistake and sometimes it will take days to get the final confirmation from customer due to time difference. So, the PM can only finish the quotation within 24hours or even longer depends on the time that all components get confirmed. Also, without MPN, sometimes could cause confusion or misunderstanding during production.

To sum up, MPN is the sole correct code for the components.

We strongly recommend you could standardize your BOM list as per the standard BOM template(click to download). And when sending over the BOM list, please kindly include the MPN for all the components. This could save you a lot of time for the project and could avoid many possible misunderstanding caused by the components.

BOM Template

Finally, good news for you!

For anyone who standardize your BOM list as per the BOM template (click to download) and provide standard MPN instead of other part No. or picture, we will provide $20 coupon for your order which can be directly deducted from the order. And this is a long-term valid discount!