CircuitMess Chatter - A DIY Wireless Communicator

CircuitMess Chatter - A DIY Wireless Communicator

Proto Breadboard 38x80mm 2v0

Proto Breadboard 38x80mm 2v0

CircuitMess Batmobile™

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CircuitMess Batmobile is a unique STEM kit that will teach you about autonomous driving and machine learning while exploring the world of electronics & programming.

It comes disassembled, and you get to build it yourself, just like Batman! All the necessary tools are included and no prior knowledge is needed. The only superpower you need is an interest in technology.

This gadget also doesn’t require any soldering so even the youngest of future engineers (7+) can tackle this task!

What can I do with it?

CircuitMess Batmobile™:

  • Drives around with its 4 built-in electromotors
  • Navigates through space autonomously thanks to its built-in camera and CPU
  • Tracks and follows objects
  • Plays badass sounds
  • Lights-up
  • Connects wirelessly to the included Controller
  • Transmits live video to your Controller
  • Teaches you about microcomputers, electronics, and programming
  • Connects to your computer and be programmed in C++ or a dedicated coding app

What will you learn?

  • How autonomous vehicles work
  • How to code a microcomputer
  • What computer vision is
  • How to calibrate Batmobile™’s camera
  • How electromotors work
  • How computers track objects
  • How to develop your own computer vision algorithm

What’s in the box?

You’ll get the following components:

CircuitMess Batmobile™:

  • Four electromotors with gearboxes and wires
  • Four wheels
  • Batmobile™’s injection-molded plastic chassis
  • Camera with a Ribbon cable
  • Motherboard with a CPU, FLASH memory, connectors, motor drivers, charging circuitry, and everything else that makes the car go vroom
  • Front circuit board with white light-up LEDs
  • Red LEDs that light up Batmobile™’s backside and make him go woosh
  • 2W speaker for snazzy sound effects
  • Rechargeable Li-Po battery (3.7V 1300mAh)
  • Nuts, bolts, spacers, and other tiny components
  • Screwdriver

CircuitMess Controller

  • Main circuit board with CPU, FLASH memory, a Wi-Fi chipset, and everything else that makes the controller go pew pew
  • 1.8 inch 128x160 TFT LCD display
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Plastic button caps
  • Plastic casing
  • USB-C cable for charging and programming the Controller and the Batmobile™
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