Crowbits-TPL5111 Timer

Crowbits-TPL5111 Timer


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What is a Crowbits-Recorder?

Crowbits-Recorder can record the voice. It is easy to store and read. Mainly composed of recording chip WTR050-16S, MINI microphone, etc.



How does it work?

It built-in a WTR050-16s is a high-performance recording chip that can directly drive 8Ω/0.5W speaker output. Long press the key to achieving recording function, short press the key can realize playback, etc. In addition, it also has loop playback, level hold, and loop playback.

It has the characteristics of long recording distance, clear sound quality and high volume.



How to use it?

1. Connect the power and speaker, press the "RECORD" key, start recording, after recording, press the "PLAY" key to play the audio, midway can press the "PAUSE" key to Pause playback.

2. It can also be programmed to control, through the output of high-level control recording or playing audio.



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