CrowBot BOLT-Open Source Programmable Smart Robot Car STEAM Robot Kit

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【CrowBot BOLT】ESP32 chip-driven open-source intelligent programming car;

【Supports multiple languages, rich tutorials】16 courses in three languages (Letscode, Arduino, Micropython), fast learning, interesting experiments;

【Wide compatibility】Compatible with Arduino and MicroPython development environments, using Letscode graphical programming, simple and easy to use;

【Strong scalability】It has a variety of interfaces and can be expanded with the Crowtail module.


CrowBot BOLT is an open source smart programming robot car powered by an ESP32 chip. It has a wealth of sensors(such as a light sensor, ultrasonic sensor, and line Tracking Sensor), comes with Wifi and Bluetooth functions, and can meet a variety of programming environments like Letscode, Micropython, and Arduino. This programming robot kit can quickly realize functions such as light tracking, line tracking, obstacle avoidance, remote control, and light show. As an entry-level STEAM educational robot car toy, the cool and cute BOLT makes robot programming learning and teaching easy and fun. It comes with 16 lessons in three languages (Letscode, Arduino, MicroPython), provides rich graphical programming, and allows programming beginners to learn to program in the fun of creativity. It has reserved 2 expansion interfaces, which can be expanded and used with 150+ kinds of Crowtail modules. Unlimited creativity, waiting for you to discover!

This is an open source robot car, all design files can be downloaded below.

CrowBot Bolt-programming robot car

Open source robot car

smart robot kit

  • CrowBot's ultrasonic sensors can not only automatically avoid obstacles, but also emit colorful RGB lights. The unique design gives it more creative possibilities.

programming robot structure

  • CrowBot uses acrylic plate as the shell, and the assembly is simple, just align the positioning holes or slots, and tighten the screws to complete.

cute crowbot car with ultrasonic sensor

  • It can use an infrared remote or a Bluetooth joystick to control. These two methods have flexible control and can change direction at any time.

remote control robot car toy

steam robot instructions


Button 1 (Ultrasonic Obstacle Avoidance Robot)

When the distance between the BOLT and the obstacle in front is less than 30cm, the car will turn right; otherwise, it will always keep moving forward. And at the same time, the sensor has built-in RGB lights, which can emit colorful light sources.

Button 2 (Line tracking robot)

Press the button 2, the car starts to follow the black line on the map, turn right when it deviates to the left, turn left when it deviates to the right, and back up when it exceeds the black line.

Button 3 (Light chasing robot)

When use the flashlight to shine in front of the BOLT car, it can distinguish the moving direction according to the light intensity to realize the effect of the light-chasing robot.


Button 4 (Music playing robot)

Press the button 4, the 4 onboard RGB_LEDs of the BOLT randomly display different colors and present the effect of flowing water lights. Apart from these, it can also play music at the same time.

  • The Type C interface at the bottom is plug-and-play for quick programming and more creativity.

programmable crowbot car

  • The I2C interface at the bottom of the CrowBot BOLT supports a variety of expansion methods and can be connected with 150+ types of Crowtail modules to complete more interesting projects.

steam robot car with various extensions

  • 16 lessons, 3 programming environments (Letscode, Micropython, Arduino), can learn quickly and complete interesting projects.

steam robot car with lessons

smart robot car support programming

two ways to control the steam bolt car

Noted: Joystick for CrowBot is optional

  • The Joystick is ergonomically designed and feels comfortable to hold, and the transparent acrylic plate can intuitively see the working condition of the handle.

crowbot joystick instruction


  • 16 lessons in three languages(Letscode, Arduino, Micropython), fast learning and fun experiments
  • Compatible with Arduino, MicroPython development environment, using Letscode graphical programming, easy to use
  • Strong scalability, with a variety of interfaces, can be expanded and used with Crowtail modules
  • A variety of remote control modes, you can use the infrared remote control and joystick to control the car






Letscode, Arduino, Micropython

Control method

Bluetooth Remote Control/Infrared Remote Control


Button, Light sensor, Infrared Receiving Module, Ultrasonic Sensor, Line Tracking Sensor


Buzzer, Programmable RGB Light, Motor



Light sensor

Can realize the function of chasing light or avoiding light

Ultrasonic Sensor

When an obstacle is detected, the driving route of the car can be corrected to avoid the obstacle

Line Tracking Sensor

Can make the car move along the dark/black lines, intelligently judge and correct the driving path


Can make the car sound/whistle, bringing a more direct sensory experience

Programmable RGB Light

Through programming, it can show colorful lights in different scenes

Infrared receiver

Receive infrared remote control signals to realize remote control


Type c x1, I2C port x1, A/D port x1

Motor type

GA12-N20 Micro DC Gear Motor

Work Temperature


Power supply

1.5V dry batteries x4(Battery not included)

Battery life

1.5 hour






Package List

  • 1x Chassis
  • 1x Ultrasonic Sensor
  • 1xBattery Holder
  • 2x Wheels
  • 4x M3*8mm Screws
  • 2x M3*5mm Copper Column
  • 2x Side Acrylic Plates
  • 1x Front Acrylic Plates
  • 1x Screwdriver
  • 2x 4 Pin Crowtail Cable
  • 1x Type C Cable x1
  • 1x Infrared remote control
  • 1x Instructions & Line Track Map

Wiki&User manual

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