Crowtail- Gas Sensor(MQ5) 2.0

Crowtail- Gas Sensor(MQ5) 2.0

Crowtail- Analog Grayscale Sensor 2.0

Crowtail- Analog Grayscale Sensor 2.0

Crowtail- Digital Programmable Potentiometer 2.0

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In a variety of bridge circuits, due to vibration, shock and temperature and humidity and other environmental factors, the potentiometer position and parameters will always change, so our common potentiometer always need to constantly adjust, these to use Brought a lot of inconvenient place.
So we designed this product, a Crowtail- Digital Programmable Potentiometer, which not only eliminates the need for constant adjustment, but also improves the accuracy of the entire system, in addition to our unique crowtail interface and arduino with it when used More convenient, it uses the potentiometer is X9C103S - a 100-order digital potentiometer, the resistance range from 40R to 100K, in its internal contains 99 resistance array, a temperature compensation function, and resistance resolution up to 1%.


  • Crowtail interface
  • Temperature compensation
  • Digital and Programmable
  • High resistance resolution
  • No manual adjustment


  • Operating voltage (V): 5V
  • Total resistance (kΩ): 100
  • Terminal voltage (V): -5V ~ 5V
  • Resistance increase mode: linear
  • Interface: crowtail
  • Operating current (mA): 3
  • Temperature (℃): -40 ~ 85
  • Resistance resolution: 1%
  • Resistance range: 40R-100K
  • Dimensions(mm):28.5(L)x20.0(W)x9.8(H)

Package list

  • Crowtail- Digital Programmable Potentiometer x1
  • Crowtail cable x 1

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