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Arduino Infrared Remote Control IOT Smart IR Module

Homefixer ESP8266 devboard

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Another development board for ESP8266-12F. But this one is a bit different, made to be easy to set up without the need for additional hardware like programmers and voltage regulators. A wide voltage range switching regulator enables the user to use different battery technologies from 1 AA cell up to LiPo cells. If you are using LiPo cells there is also a USB charger on the board. The ADC is connected to the battery with a voltage divider that you can turn off when not used to save power.
The board has been made as small as possible but still with a lot of functions and breadboard compatible.


  • Optimized for ultra low power and ease of use.
  • One of the smallest devboard for ESP8266.
  • Measure battery voltage through voltage divider with zero poweruse when not measuring.
  • All pins except G15, Reset and Chip Enable exposed on the pinheader to the user.
  • CP2104 usb to uart with auto-reset support for getting into bootload mode before firmware upload.
  • LiPo charging from USB.
  • Wide range supply voltage to work with many different battery configuration.
  • Exposed setting pins for TSP61201.
  • Deep sleep prewired, only need to connect with a solder jumper.
  • Breadboard compatible.


  • ESP8266-12F
  • Micro-usb for power and uploading of code.
  • Battery voltage: 0.8-5.5V or USB powered.
  • TPS61201 3.3V boost converter with built in LDO for >3.3V capability.
  • LiPo charge current: 500mA (setable with change of resistor)
  • ADC: 0-5V with voltage divider.
  • Size: (LxW) 27 x 24 mm

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