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The NerdMiner v2 is a cool gadget that let you try to reach a bitcoin block with a small piece of hardware. It has the iconical form factor of a Bitmain S9 and consumes only 1W, costing you only 2$ a year to have it powered.

The main goal of this project is to let you learn more about bitcoin minery and to have a beautiful piece of hardware in your desktop.

The NerdMiner v2 implements Stratum protocol to mine on solo pool. Pool can be changed but originally works with web.public-cool.io. The miner is multicore and multithreads, each thread mine a different block template. After receiving a new job from pool trials the block in refreshed in order to avoid mining on old template.


Mining with the NerdMiner is considered a really difficult thing, It is considered a very unlikely task, because its mining power is so small that the chances of finding the block before another miner are extremely low. This product on its current state must be considered more a gadget than a miner.

This project is currently in development and more features will be added

The NerdMiner v2 screens

The Nerdminer v2 has several screens that shows you different Bitcoin mining relevant data.

NerdMiner Screen

What your NerdMiner contains?


Bitronics miner kit:

With this kit you will receive all parts separated. You will need to assemble your miner following an instructive video and upload firmware. After this you will only have to setup your Wifi and BTC address. All process is guided and gives you educational resources.

Assembled model:

Ordering an assembled model will have everything ready and programmed. After receiving your it you will only have to setup your Wifi and BTC address.

All steps are easily shown on an instructive video and attached documentation.


Weight 0,3 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 6 cm

NerdMiner size is 50 x 50 x 80 including fan

Power supply

5Vdc 0,5A – Plug from standard usb charger

Power consumption



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