Flipper Zero - Protoboard Backpack

Flipper Zero - Protoboard Backpack

Open FFBoard BISS-C SPI Adapter

Open FFBoard BISS-C SPI Adapter

PicoCell-C3 V1.0

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PicoCell-C3 is the ultimate compact version of the NanoCell, packing all the features of its predecessor into a smaller footprint.


Introducing PicoCell-C3: Your Miniature ESP32-C3 Development Powerhouse

PicoCell-C3 is the ultimate compact version of the NanoCell, packing all the features of its predecessor into a smaller footprint. This ESP32-C3 development board is half the size of the NanoCell but retains all its functionalities, making it a no-compromise solution for your projects.

Key Features:

  • Compact Design: PicoCell-C3 is a miniature ESP32-C3 development board, ideal for projects where space is limited. Despite its small size, it offers the same features as the NanoCell.

  • Sophisticated Battery Management: Equipped with Lithium Ion / Lithium Polymer battery charging and protection circuitry, PicoCell-C3 ensures safe and efficient battery usage. The integrated fuel gauge accurately calculates the battery's voltage, percentage, and rate of charge, communicating this data to the MCU via I2C protocol.

  • Expanded Analog Inputs: PicoCell-C3 features GPIOs 6 and 7 for the fuel gauge IC, allowing them to be used as analog inputs. This addition provides two extra analog input pins compared to the NanoCell, enhancing the board's versatility for sensor applications.

  • Temperature Monitoring: The battery management IC includes an NTC thermistor, conveniently located in the bottom center of the PCB. This feature allows easy monitoring of the battery's temperature, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

  • User-Friendly Interface: PicoCell-C3 retains two pushbuttons for Reset and Boot functions, along with two LEDs that indicate charging and completed charging statuses. These features provide essential feedback and control for your projects.

  • Breadboard Compatibility: Despite its compact size, PicoCell-C3 remains breadboard compatible, allowing for easy prototyping and integration into existing setups.

  • Compatibility with NanoCell Expansion PCBs: Although PicoCell-C3 has a different pinout from the NanoCell, it is already compatible with almost all expansion PCBs designed for the NanoCell. This compatibility ensures seamless integration with existing expansion modules, expanding the possibilities for your projects.

Why PicoCell-C3?

PicoCell-C3 offers the same power and versatility as the NanoCell in a smaller package. Whether you're working on IoT projects, sensor applications, or battery-powered devices, PicoCell-C3 provides all the necessary features without compromise.

Upgrade to PicoCell-C3 for a compact yet powerful ESP32-C3 development board, perfect for projects where space and functionality are paramount.

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