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Universal Proto Board 20x80mm Red

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Open Gamma Detector - DIY gamma spectrometry

Simple Arduino Hulda Clark ZAPPER with Timer function

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Hulda Clark was alternative health practitioner who claimed that the use of a device called the "Zapper" could cure a wide range of diseases by eliminating parasites and toxins from the body.

      The Hulda Clark Zapper is a simple electronic device that generates low-voltage rectangular signal at a frequency of 30 kHz. The device typically consists of battery, a pulse generator circuit, and two copper handles or electrodes, wich user holds them in their hands or places them on different parts of the body. Original Zapper consist 555 timer IC, NPN transistor, and few resistors and capacitors. The device presented here generates a signal identical to that of the original, but is made using a microcontroller, so it also gives us the opportunity to add a small display and a timer so that we can continuously monitor the process of applying the therapy. In the following video you can see this device, only instead of a small SSD OLED display, it contains a larger LCD display. Otherwise the way of functioning is identical.

 Watch the video:    

  When switching on, a message appears to press the button to start the therapy. By pressing the button, a short sound is heard indicating the start. According to the description from the publication "Dr Clark's Life Treatment", the therapy lasts three times for 7 minutes with a pause of 20 minutes between treatments (total about 1 hour). Electrodes are usually made of stainless metal (copper, aluminum, stainless steel...) and can be in the form of cylinders to be held in the hands, or plates that are placed and glued to the painful area.

Schematic diagram:

  You can also find useful informations about this device on Hackster

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