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USB Serial I2C Converter

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  • I2C devices can be controlled from PC, RPI, etc. via serial COM port.
  • Ideal for checking the operation of I2C devices and rapid prototyping.
  • PL2303GL for serial COM conversion and SC18IM704 for serial I2C conversion are used.
  • You can control I2C devices with easy commands via serial COM port from Teraterm, Node-Red, Unity, Python, etc.
  • I2C has a Grove compatible connector.
  • The power supply and pull-up resistor of the Grove compatible connector supports 5V/3.3V with a switch.

    *Before connecting USB or I2C devices, please check the silk on the board and then switch 5V/3.3V.

    *Please be careful not to apply 5V to 3.3V only devices.




  • Please refer to the data sheet (PDF) for serial I2C conversion SC18IM704 commands.
  • The default baud rate of serial I2C conversion SC18IM700/SC18IM704 is 9600bps.
  • Use an I2C hub when connecting multiple devices with different addresses.
  • By using the pin header on the board, it can also be used as a conversion board for SC18IM704.
  • Equipped with a resettable fuse rated at 350mA on the USB5V power input side.
  • The maximum current that can be supplied is around 150mA on the 3.3V line, and 350mA on the 5V line.
  • If there is no response to the command, short-circuit the RST pin and GND pin with tweezers to reset.


USB Driver

  • Please download and use the Windows version from here.
  • The Mac version comes with a driver loaded by default, but if necessary, please download it from here and use it.
  • The Linux version comes with a built-in driver as standard since Kernel 2.4.31.


Node-Red Sample Flow

 Temperature and humidity sensor SHT31, I2C connection LCD AQM1602, multi-environment sensor BME280, CO2 sensor CCS811, real-time clock DS1307, AD conversion MCP3425, particle sensor HM3301, infrared grid sensor AMG8833, sample code for I2C device search is available.


Web Serial API Tool

We are publishing tools using the Web serial API.

Easily communicate with I2C devices when accessed from Edge or Chrome browsers




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