16*32 RGB LED panel light P6 full color matrix module 1/8 scan

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This is a 16x32 RGB LED matrix panel with 512 full colour RGB LEDs arranged in a 16x32 grid at 6mm pitch. The brightness sensor can be adjusted automatically, and the adjustable level is 16.

The monitor has wide viewing angles of 160° horizontal and 160° vertically to attract a wider audience and can use both indoors and out. The LED matrix has 2 IDC connectors (DATA_IN, DATA_OUT) on the back and drives the display with a 1:8 scan rate. You can cascade multiple panels and make a big screen together.

 Noted: It doesn't include the Driver Shield, if you want to buy the Driver Shield, click here.


· Multi-purpose use, can be used indoors and outdoors

· Wide viewing angle, wider range, attracting more audience

· 512 individual RGB LEDs, full-color display, adjustable brightness

· High refresh, high gray



· Size: 192mm x 96mm

· Pixel pitch:6mm

· Resolution ratio: 32 x 16 dots

· Pixel Type: 1R1G1B

· Optimum viewing distance: 6-47m

· Visual horizontal angle:≥160°

· Visual vertical angle≥160°

· Display card: DVI

· Driving mode: 1/8 scan

· Refresh rate:≥800Hz

· Control mode: Synchronous control

· Service Life: 75000~100000 hours


Package List

· 1x 192*96mm P6 LED panel

· 1x 16Pin Data Cable

· 1x Power Cable

· 4x Magnetic Screw

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