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5 Inch QLED Quantum Dot Display 800 x 480 Capacitive Touch Screen Support Various Systems

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CrowVision 7 Inch Touch Screen Capacitive Portable 1024*600 IPS LCD Monitor Rear Fixing for Raspberry Pi LattePanda Beaglebone Jetson Nano etc.

5 inch QLED Quantum Dot Display 800 x 480 Resistive Touch Screen for Raspberry Pi B+/2B/3B/4B

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【5-inch TFT Screen】The 5-inch HD touch screen has a resolution of 800×480, resistive touch, and the high resolution brings you a full-color experience.

【QLED Screen】Compared with ordinary LCD screens, QLED screens have a wider color gamut and purer chroma, bringing a richer and more realistic viewing experience.

【Pi Screen】Specially designed for Raspberry Pi, supports Raspberry Pi 3/4/5, while you can use it on any computer with HD video output.
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This 5-inch QLED touchscreen monitor is an upgraded version of the RR050 5-inch screen. It uses the QLED LCD screen, which has a wider color gamut, purer chroma, and longer lifetime compared to ordinary LCD screens. This QLED small screen has a resolution of 800x400, which brings a richer and more realistic viewing experience. It supports any version of Raspberry Pi and is perfectly compatible with Raspberry Pi B+/2B/3B. It uses resistive touch technology and comes with a touch pen for more convenient use. The low-power backlight helps to extend the lifespan of the screen. This screen also supports HD video signal input, which is plug-and-play. Although it is designed for Raspberry Pi, you can not only use it on Raspberry Pi but also use it elsewhere.

OEM customization requests can be discussed for projects. 
5 inch QLED Raspberry Pi Display feature

5 inch touchscreen monitor connect raspberry pi

5 inch QLED small display compatible with various devices

QLED Quantum Technology, Wider Color Gamut

Color Gamut of this QLED Display is Up To: NTSC 75%

5 inch QLED Quantum dot display

More Pure Chroma, More Vivid Visual Experience

Chroma Of QLED Increases 58.3%, Makes The Color More Pure, More Vivid

5 inch samll Display with more pure chrorma

Longer Lifetime

Due To Its Inorganic Characteristic, The Color Life Of QLED Could Be Up To 50000 Hours Without Color Degradation

longer lifetime of 5 inch touchscreen monitor

5 inch Raspberry Pi screen size


  • Wider color gamut: QLED technology can display a wider range of colors than traditional LCD screens, making images more vivid and lifelike.
  • More pure chromaticity: QLED technology uses quantum dots, which can achieve more accurate color reproduction and less color distortion, providing a better viewing experience
  • Ultra-low power backlight with longer lifespan: Compared with traditional LCD screens, QLED displays use ultra-low power backlight with longer lifespan
  • 5" 800x480 display with touch function and HD video interface with high resolution graphics and large display
  • Large viewing angle, fast response time, full color display.
  • Support any version of Raspberry Pi, perfect for Raspberry Pi B+/2B/3B/4B.



  • Size: 5 inch
  • Display Type: QLED
  • Resolution: 800 x 480
  • Touch: Resistive touch
  • Lcd driver IC: ILI9486L
  • Refresh rate: 60HZ
  • Lifetime: 50000 hours
  • Dimension: 121 x 78mm
  • Net Weight: about 115g
  • Screen Size: 113x66 mm

Package List

  • 1x 5 inch Touch LCD Display
  • 2x HD video connector
  • 1x Touch pen
  • 1x DVD
  • 1x Screw Pack

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