Open Gamma Detector - DIY gamma spectrometry

Open Gamma Detector - DIY gamma spectrometry

Proto Breadboard 60x40mm White

Proto Breadboard 60x40mm White

6x CNC Controller for FluidNC

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Hello, I am Bart Dring. I am the designer of this controller and one of the original creators of FluidNC firmware. The profits from this controller directly help support the firmware development. Click on the About Designer tab above to see other CNC electronics I have for sale. Thank you for considering this product.

Product Description

This is a CNC controller designed to control a wide variety of machines. It can control up to 6 motors and many spindle and laser types. It is very easy to configure. You never have to compile any software. All configuration, upgrading, etc can be done via web browser.  Here are the primary features.


  • Integrated ESP32 controller with USB-C connector.
  • (6) Motor connectors for external stepper drivers (5v signals). Each motor has separate step, direction and enable signals. LEDs are on each signal to help with setup. You can use the motors for up to 6 axes or use dual motors on any axis (XYZABC, XYYZ, XXYYZ, etc)
  • (8) Inputs for switches (limits, probes, control, etc)
  • Spindles (many types supported). Some multi-spindle arrangements are possible like RS485 & laser on the same machine.
    • RS485 VFD Spindles
    • 0-10V controlled spindles with additional forward and reverse direction signals
    • PWM Speed controllers with optional separate enable signals
    • Relay (on/off) controlled spindles.
    • BESC (Brushless Motor) based spindles
    • Lasers with PWM and enable
  • (2) 3A MOSFETs to drive relays, solenoids and valves.
  • Unused spindle 5V outputs can be used for any output function (coolant, etc)
  • The are LEDs on most outputs to help with setup.
  • Micro SD card socket for local storage of gcode files
  • Module socket for GPIO extenders and Pendant interfaces.

The project is fully open source aan well supported.

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