Micro:bit V2/V1.3B/V2.2

Micro:bit V2/V1.3B/V2.2

Mini Piano Module with I2C Interface  for Micro: bit

Mini Piano Module with I2C Interface for Micro: bit

BBC Micro bit Prototype Expansion Board

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For the controller of micro: bit is small, it’s difficult for beginner to build circuits. The BBC micro: bit has a selection of pins that are located on the bottom edge of its PCB, with this board, you can use these pins to connect additional components to the BBC micro: bit. There is a small bread board on the board, which make it easy to build circuit on the board.

This expansion board provides a fantastic way of learning how to construct and control electronic circuits with BBC micro: bit.




  • Make it more convenient to use micro: bit.
  • There are various power output interfaces on the board.
  • The bread board on the shield makes it easy to built circuit.
  • It provides an opportunity for you to learn knowledge of circuits and programming.


  • Size: 62mm x 82mm
  • Power supply mode: external DC power supply or power by USB
  • Input voltage: 6-24V (VIN) or 3.6-6V(VCC)
  • Digital interface: P0-P20
  • Analog interface: P0, P1, P2, P3, P10


  • When powered by external power, select VIN if the value higher that 6V, otherwise select VCC. When powered by VCC, there is no power output on the VIN and 3.5V interface. There are power output when powered by VIN.
  • The board can be powered by micro: bit directly, just connect the board with micro: bit, then power via USB interface. When choose this power supply, the VIN and 5V on the red power output seat has no power output, 3.3v on the red power output seat has voltage output.

Package list

  • Prototype shield for micro: bit x 1
  • Bread board x 1
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