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  1. January 03, 2020

    The most 5 popular monitors of 2019 from Elecrow

    Due to the increasing use of extension screens for work and study, a good screen is favored. It's hard to choose a screen that suits you because of the size, use, and variety of functions. There are different types of monitors depends on how you plan on using it, and there is no catch-all monitor that is perfect for everyone, but some monitors are more versatile than others.

    We have selected several popular screens of Elecrow in 2019 for your reference. You can choose the most suitable one according to your own needs.

    1.Two of the most popular screens that can be used with consoles like raspberry PI


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  2. November 25, 2019

    Best Xmas PCB projects - Opensource and DIY Happiness

    Merry Christmas!

    Christmas is coming and it's time to be a maker to decorate ourselves. A lot of customers shared their DIY Xmas projects with us in Elecrow Facebook Group. The following projects are some great projects that I picked out. please feel free to share your projects and happiness with us. 

    Stars PCB with WS2812B LEDs

    This porject was shared in Elecrow facebook group by Tomek

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  3. November 22, 2019

    How to design PCB badge #Badgelife

    PCB badge design. Christmas PCB design. #badgelife #ElecrowPCB

    How to import BMP file into eagle file?

    How to export gerber file from Eagle PCB design software.

    Open source Eagle design file and PCB manufacturing gerber file.

    PCB projects sharing Facebook group There are a lot of Christmas PCB projects shared last year.

    PCB fabrication online order page

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  4. September 09, 2019

    10 PCBs for $1, and Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) Giveaway

    Raspberry Pi 4 has been released for a while, have you tried it or been waiting for years? For months in fact.Good news is that Elecrow has acquired the dealership for distributing Pi 4 globally and has well made a useful and powerful kit (Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) included) which is on sale for $89. Want it for free? OK, there is one way for you to get a free Pi 4 (4GB) immediately.

    From September 9 to October 9, Elecrow PCB and PCB Assembly services are offered with great benefits to all our customers. Thrilled to say, 10 PCBs for just $1, and get a Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) for free with the PCB Assembly order over $2,000.

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  5. August 30, 2019

    Best Raspberry Pi 4 Projects Guide

    Raspberry Pi 4 has been launched for months, maybe you have had one, otherwise please check the latest Elecrow Raspberry Pi 4 Kit (P4 (4GB) included).

    Since the Pi 4 has upgraded significantly in its speed, memory and data connection, now you can make more projects than before, with better performance. Elecrow selects a total projects out of the internet for you.

     PS: We will keep updating this post for months, please bookmark it.

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  6. August 22, 2019

    One Minute to Understand AXI and Utilize It for Free

    1. What is AXI?

    AXI is short for automated X-ray inspection, it's one of the most commonly used approaches for defect inspection in PCB Assembly. Not only does AXI check the solder joints under components, but it also reveals many defects in solder joints that may not be visible by the ordinary optical inspection equipment.

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  7. June 17, 2019

    Why MPN(Manufacturer Part Number) is Necessary for PCBA?

    To Our Dearest Customers Who Place PCBA Orders to Us:

    You know that every time when you send an inquiry for PCBA project, our project manager will ask you to send the Gerber file and BOM to us so that we can work on the quotation accordingly. Today what we want to talk about is the MPN, which is a key column in your BOM list.

    Firstly, what is MPN? How to get the correct MPN?

    The MPN(manufacturer part number) is an uniform component code, which is recognized by all

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  8. May 22, 2019

    Where can you experience the PCB service for ONLY $0.99 and PCBA service 30% off ?

    Recently, with the increasing PCB&PCBA orders and more and more customers visiting ELECROW, we did a big upgrading to our workshop and production line, to give back to all of our old customers and new customers, we are now launching below ANNUAL BIG Promotion for PCB&PCBA orders:

    Starting from May 23th 0:00 am to June 23th 24:00 p.m

    1.Pay ONLY $0.99, and you will get maximum 10pcs PCBs (1 or 2 layers, up to 10*10cm), how

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  9. April 26, 2019

    How to teach kids to code

    Why coding is so important to kids?

    In recent years, “learning to code” has always been big popularity, then someone will ask: “why is coding so important to kids?”We acknowledge that coding is the DNA of the digital world, it’s not hard for us to find everything around us, including phone Apps, websites, and even many home appliances rely on coding to work. So that’s why programmers are in high demand. Developing a coding literacy will affect kids a lot, it makes kids a better thinker, they will think logically to find a perfect solution when encountering things. Also once kids know how to program, a whole world full

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  10. April 24, 2019

    4 Reasons Why Teach Kids to Code

    robot will take over many manual occupation

    I work as the sales&Marketing manager in Elecrow company. One of its business is to develop STEAM education products. So I learned lots of new knowledge in this area both from my working career and the after-work activities. In this article, I will talk about the topic of why teach kids to code according to my personal experience and independent thinking.

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