1. November 02, 2017

    Design Unique Christmas PCB Ornament

    Christmas is the most important festival for many people. As a maker or electronic engineer, how can we celebrate Christmas in our own special way? Before Christmas 2016, we held a Christmas PCB Contest in Elecrow facebook group, there were several fascinating projects.                                                                                                                          As we did before, Elecrow provided

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  2. November 01, 2017

    How to improve the anti-electromagnetic interference when developing electronic products with processors?

    1.Anti-electromagnetic interference issue should be more careful with the following systems 1)The system that the microcontroller clock frequency is particularly high and the bus cycle is particularly fast. 2)The system contains high-power and high current drive circuit, such as the relay with a spark, high current switch and so on. 3)The system with a weak analog signal circuit and high-precision A / D converter circuit. 2. Measures to improve the anti-electromagnetic interference of system 1)Choose the low-frequency micro-controllers. The use of low external clock frequency micro-controllers can effectively reduce the noise and improve the system's anti-jamming capability. The square wave and sine wave at the same frequency,
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  3. September 28, 2017

    Common issues in FPC design

    1. The overlap of the welding plates. a. The overlap of welding plates means the holes are overlapped, when multiple drilling happens to one position, it would result in the damage of hole. b. Overlap of two holes in a multi-layer board will cause it scrapped. 2. The abuse of graphics layer. a. Doing some useless connection in the graphics layer is easily misunderstood, for example, a design for 4 layer PCB uses the circuit of 5 layer PCB or even above. b. In violation of conventional design, such as, the side of electronic parts is designed at the Bottom layer, and the welding side is designed at the Top layer, these all will cause troubles. 3. The characters are in a mess.

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  4. September 26, 2017

    Useful tips for PCB design

    The basic principle for the whole process of PCB design is: make the whole design beautiful as much as possible on the basis of following the requirements of product electrical and mechanical structure, keep the layout of electronic parts uniform and orderly in the printed circuit board. Here are the items and tips you should check:

    1. PCB size must be consistent with the size of processing drawings and follow the PCB manufacturing requirements.
    2. Check if the electronic components are conflicting in the two-dimensional and three-dimensional spaces.
    3. Is the distribution of electronic components in a well-organized, neat manner?
    4. Is it easy to replace the components that are frequently replaced? Is the plug-in
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  5. September 20, 2017

    Engineering issues that need attention in the manufacturing of PCB

    1. Avoid the input end getting too close to the output end, especially in the case of high gain. For the following reasons: 1) When it is a positive amplifier, being too close would generate the parasitic capacitance - positive feedback loop – then cause the shock; this shock is independent of the input signal, that is, it could happen without input. The frequency of this shock depends on the circuit structure and parasitic capacitance and other factors, most of the time it’s over 1MHz. However, with the changes of parasitic capacitance, what would be caused is not only the circuit shock, sometimes the situation of work instability and deterioration would happen. 2) When it’s the opposite amplifier, the Miller effect is generated, which would cause the deterioration

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  6. August 17, 2017

    How to Reduce Cost with Panelizing Service

    Panelizing is common used in the PCB board’s production for it can get more value in a low cost. For some customers, the size of single boards can’t properly used on their project so they need a bigger size. That’s the main reason for customer choose panelizing service, here is an introduction of panelizing service of Elecrow. We have two ways of panelizing, one is V-cut and the other is snap off holes. For V-cut, the minimum size of board is 8*8cm. V-cut is a straight and uninterrupted line, the mini spacing between 2 V-cut line is 2mm, and different thickness has different request. For 1.6mm thickness boards, V-cut line must has 1mm spacing with the edge of boards; for 1.0mm thickness should be 0.7mm. Customer can add the V-cut line in the GKO layer or the silkscreen

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  7. August 07, 2017

    Tindie Top Seller Products Fulfilled by Elecrow

    There are a lot of products sell on Tindie and cooperated with Elecrow. Here I would like to recommend several tindie top seller products. The first seller is Raj, the owner of Embedded Lab Store. The designer Raj cooperate with Elecrow since 2013 and we have a wonderful cooperation. And a big thanks that Raj recommend us on his blog at the end of last year. The Easy Pulse is a DIY pulse sensor that is designed for hobbyist and educational applications to illustrate the principle of photoplethysmography (PPG) as a non-invasive technique for detecting the cardio-vascular pulse wave is that we used the DS202-

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  8. July 04, 2017

    11.6inch Monitor for the Raspberry 2, 3 Model B and the coming Raspberry Pi 4

    Congratulations! We have three new arrivals, they are Solderless Protoboard for Raspberry Pi, Elecrow 11.6 Inch 1920x1080 HDMI 1080P LED Display for Raspberry Pi and SIM5360E 3G Shield. Firstly, the solderless protoboard for Raspberry Pi has a printed circuit board and a single 2*20 GPIO header for raspberry pi toyou’re your Perma-Proto on top of your Raspberry Pi. Almost every pin can be connected to the pin can also be pulled out(Except for #26).It’s very convenient to use this solderless protoboard .You just need to connect it to raspberry Pi, then you can do a variety of experiments on the protoboard.
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  9. June 28, 2017

    What would be the Raspberry Pi 4 like?

    With the development of the smart phone, the hardware configuration of the phone is continual upgrading that the CPU upgraded from dual-core to ten-core and the RAM now has up to 8GB. The currently new generation of Raspberry Pi is 3B+, which equipped with 1.2GHz, quad-crow and 1GB RAM. In comparison, both based on Linux and adopted ARM architecture, but the configuration of Raspberry Pi 3 is significantly lower than the phone. Why the difference between both so great? Google recently announced a partnership with raspberry pi to launch Raspberry Pi 4. It seems that the configuration of Raspberry Pi 4 should have eight-core, with above 2GHz, with 4GB RAM supported DDR4L. Besides, the Raspberry Pi 2/3B supports the android

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  10. June 27, 2017

    Company Activity-Staff Fitness Program

    To enrich the cultural life of our company and improve the physical quality of staff, we are organized a gym activities. We will gather together to do radio gymnastic exercised whenever the music ring. The daily exercise time is arranged in the afternoon. “Sometimes the supervisors can share their thoughts particular with the staff.” the boss said. So our company will have a staff sharing communication which sharing the joke, life fun and story, etc before exercise in a limited time. At the same time, you can share your story with us, we are very pleased that. When I first taken part in it, I feel confused because I was unfamiliar with the movement of radio gymnastic exercised, at that time, I believe that most people have the same feelings as me. Gradually we learned how

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