11.6inch Monitor for the Raspberry 2, 3 Model B and the coming Raspberry Pi 4
Congratulations! We have three new arrivals, they are Solderless Protoboard for Raspberry Pi, Elecrow 11.6 Inch 1920x1080 HDMI 1080P LED Display for Raspberry Pi and SIM5360E 3G Shield. Firstly, the solderless protoboard for Raspberry Pi has a printed circuit board and a single 2*20 GPIO header for raspberry pi toyou’re your Perma-Proto on top of your Raspberry Pi. Almost every pin can be connected to the pin can also be pulled out(Except for #26).It’s very convenient to use this solderless protoboard .You just need to connect it to raspberry Pi, then you can do a variety of experiments on the protoboard. SOLED1 The second new comer is Elecrow 11.6 Inch 1920x1080 HDMI 1080P LED Display for Raspberry Pi. HDMI PS3 PS4WIIU xbox360 is an aluminum-based HD resolution gaming monitor. Its good sound quality, clear quality, good heat dissipation, with metal texture, design reasonable, beloved by the majority of game enthusiasts, model shooting lovers. Besides, it has automatic recognition function with HDMI/VGA of the input port and its backlight brightness can be adjusted, which is widely used in our daily lives such as used as medical equipment display or industrial equipment, car video and car headrest monitor etc, at the same time, it can compatible PS3 PS4 XBOX360 Raspberry pi. This product is in line with industrial equipment and home entertainment audio and video display, is definitely a good choice. elecrow_11.6_inch_1920x1080_hdmi_1080p_led_display_for_raspberry_pi4_1 (1) The last is SIM5360E 3G Shield. The SIM5360E series is Dual-Band HSPA+/WCDMA and Quad-Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE module solution in a SMT type which supports HSPA+ up to 14.4Mbps for downlink data transfer. supports 3G network and combines GPS technology for satellite navigation. Besides, it also supports A-GPS that available for indoor localization, and it also supports for eCALL.The module is controlled by AT command via UART and supports 3.3V and 5V logical level. If you want to do some applications, we have some example for you to refer. M2M (Machine 2 Machine) Applications - To transfer control data using SMS or GPRS between two machines located at two different factories. The Hardware installations are: 1.Insert an Micro SIM card to SIM Card Holder 6 Pin Holder for SIM Cards. Both 1.8 volts and 3.0 volts SIM Cards are supported by SIM5360E - the SIM card voltage type is automatically detected. 500px-Inserting_the_SIM_Card_into_the_holder14 500px-Inserting_the_SIM_Card_into_the_holder13 2.Connect the Antenna A miniature coaxial RF connector is present on the SIM5360E 3G Shield board to connect with a MAIN Antenna. The connector present on the SIM5360E 3G Shield is called a U.FL connecto.The GNSS Antenna supplied with the GPRS Shield has an SMA connector (and not an RP-SMA connector) on it. The connection topology is shown in the  diagram below. 850px-3G_Shield_antenna_pad12

3.Plug to Arduino/Crowduino

The GPRS+GSM+GPS Shield, like any other well designed shield, is stackable as shown in the photo below.


urn on the SIM5360E 3G shield There is two ways to turn on the SIM5360 3G Shield. 1. Turn on through Hardware. Press the the 'POWERKEY' for few seconds until Power-on indicator(Green) is on. 2. Turn on through Software. If the JP is soldered,run the following code, the SIM5360E will POWER on or POWER off.  900px-3G4