Tindie Top Seller Products Fulfilled by Elecrow

There are a lot of products sell on Tindie and cooperated with Elecrow. Here I would like to recommend several tindie top seller products. The first seller is Raj, the owner of Embedded Lab Store. The designer Raj cooperate with Elecrow since 2013 and we have a wonderful cooperation. And a big thanks that Raj recommend us on his blog at the end of last year. The Easy Pulse is a DIY pulse sensor that is designed for hobbyist and educational applications to illustrate the principle of photoplethysmography (PPG) as a non-invasive technique for detecting the cardio-vascular pulse wave is that we used the DS202- Digital Storage Oscilloscope with Touch Screen to test the products.


The LED will blink when measure and you can also adjust the two adjustable resistor to make the wave show better in the oscilloscope. If you don't have the oscilloscope by hand, this Arduino oscilloscope emulator may help. Please refer the tutorial at Elecrow wiki to know more about it. Embedded-Lab sells more than 1900 orders sells on his Tindie store. Most of Embedded-Labs great projects are also available at Elecrow, the shipping price is much cheaper for worldwide customers. The second seller is Catnip Electronics  , which sells more than 1900 orders on tindie store, and there are 3 capacitive moisture products available. First is Chirp, it is a "sensor mode only" version of my plant watering alarm Chirp. Chirp uses capacitive humidity sensing technique that does not interfere with the soil and does not cause corrosion of electrodes unlike resistive sensing. Chirp is Open Source and totally hackable - you can download and fiddle with the firmware or use it as a standalone moisture sensor. If you are interested in lower power, longer cable runs and improved stability, you should check my RS485 soil moisture sensor . Capacitive soil moisture sensor interfaced via I2C, additionally provides ambient light and temperature readings.


The third seller that I would recommend is Phoenix Cnc, Olediuno Store, and Hayri runs it. There are more than 10,000 followed customers in the Youtube Channel and Hayri is a very kind guy that recommend Elecrow in most of his projects videos. This is the most recently Youtube video: OLEDiESP a Tiny Cube with ESP07 / ESP12 + OLED IoT. There are a lot of products sell on tindie and Hayri continue design a lot of awesome projects. If you like his designed products, you can purchase at Hayri's store. tindie_store_1

The fourth seller is Deshipu Store, which runs by Deshipu. One product of his store is 16-channel Servo Shield for D1 Mini,  Version 1.0,  is a very simple board. It only contains a PCA9685 chip, a bunch of required resistors and capacitors, and the sockets for connecting the servos. It's much smaller than the other PCA9685 boards available, and it plugs directly into the D1 Mini board, without the need for any cables. If you want to know more about the product, you can click on  Deshipu Store.


The upper four designers don't contact me for sharing their projects, I saw them sell on tindie store and I think that I can help recommend them to our customers. I know that there should be more awesome products sell on Tindie and fulfilled by Elecrow that I don't recommend here.  If you want Elecrow to recommend your awesome projects, please don't hesitate to contact us. We may share your project to our customers at the right time.