Monthly Archives: April 2016

  1. April 23, 2016

    Everything About Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

    It has been nearly two months since the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B launched. And I get to know Raspberry Pi board gradually. The coming of Pi 3 is so exciting. The  Raspberry Pi enthusiast has already carried out some cool projects with Pi 3 board, how about you? Text Below is the information I collect about Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.
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  2. April 06, 2016

    ESP8266 Wireless Toilet Usage Indicator (Smart Home)

    As a engineer, it’s lucky enough to work for a company that make up with a group of maker. Because we often encounter some problems in our life, our manger allow us to put our creativity into full play due to the opened atmosphere, we can build lots of funny applications to solve the problem.

    Recently, we have recruited a number of new workmates, so there have something embarrassing happened, sometimes when I went to the toilet and found that both of the two toilets are occupied, once I complain to kevin about it, then he said: If there is a kind of indicator LED like an airplane toilet lights, so we could know whether the toilet be used. Good idea! I praised him: “hey! Boy! You are really a genius! ” OK, now we have prepared everything, let think about that if you want to achieve remote control, what we need to do? The first role is the most popular platform board -ESP8266, as it happens, we have get some ESP8266 IOT Board just recently, it can achieve wireless control easily, and the most important thing is it cheap enough.

    The main function of the project is when the toilet was using, the indicator will show the state of the toilets remotely, just like the toilet indicator in the plane.

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