Monthly Archives: November 2018

  1. November 30, 2018

    Make a calculator on CrowPi

    My neighbor has a little girl with bad arithmetic. This is a headache when her parents direct her arithmetic, so I want to use Crowpi to program a simple calculator to help people who are not good at computing. My idea is to use the 4  independent buttons on Crowpi as +, - , *, /, and then use the 10 buttons on the matrix button to do 0-9 respectively.When I press these buttons, Crowpi Lcd can display the contents of the button I pressed. When I want to get the result, just touch the touch sensor and it will automatically display the result on the LCD.

    With the basic ideas, let's get started. Of course, the first thing to do is always to import the modules we want to use. import math import time
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  2. November 15, 2018

    Free Prototyping for Christmas PCB

    This is the fourth year Elecrow provide free prototyping for Christmas theme PCB and hold the competition to encourage the makers to create interesting Christmas projects. Free Prototyping, coupon code: ChristmasPCB The coupon worth $4.9, can be used 500 times at most. It will expire on 26th. Dec. and each person can only use the coupon once. The coupon is especially for PCB manufacturing service with Christmas theme design. You can apply the discount code on the checkout page as below. BTW, 10pcs 10cm*10cm max PCB prototyping is $4.9 on the PCB prototyping order page.

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