5 Most Popular Desktop Robot Arms On Kickstarter
Robot arm is vital to makers among daily projects. Today, I would like to introduce 5 awesome robot arms crowdfund on kickstarter. I'm sure that you can find one suitable or attractive to you.
  1. Uarm  uArm is a 4-axis parallel-mechanism robot arm, which is inspired by the ABB PalletPack industrial robot arm IRB460. Uarm is made of arylic or wood, and it's controlled by Arduino-compatible board. It's inexpensive, a relatively simple and basic one. You can control the arm with remote controller, wireless keyboard or ceilphone bluetooth. The wood or acrylic laser cutting is applied to made the arm.
2. 7bot This is a robot arm that can replicate your motion precisely without coding, some kind of AI ability. As the designer said, it can write neat chinese brush writing after a short-time learning. And it can also do simple homework for you. Regarding of the capacity, 7bot seems better than Uarm. You can use your Arduino, Raspberry Pi or any other micro-controller board to control this gripper through 2 digital signals. 7bot can also drawing with brush, grab with it's two finger gripper or acrylic robot claw. 3. Maximo It's a 5-axis arm that can run similar to assembly line robots. Maximo is mainly designed as a educational tool, children can learn useful skills for the future science and technology. It has different head to for various work. The components of Maximo include interchangeable head modules, high torque servo motors, laser-cut acrylic body, arduino board, stabilising legs, and bearing base. 4. Dobot Dobot is a desktop arduino-based 4-axis parallel-mechanism robot arm, with surprising 0.2mm precision. It's very impressive, it shows in the video that Dobot can even puntch through a neddle hole. With various robot head, you can develop many funtions with Dobot, such as drawing, writing, 3D printing, pcb soldring. You can add a camera platform or 3d printing pen to finish very intereting projects. Dobot can be controlled in lots of ways, such as EEG, pc, app, leap motion, gesture, voice, vison and so on. 5. Makerarm Makerarm is a 3 axis (expandable to 4 axis) Selective Compliance Assembly Robotic Arm. This is my favorite. It's very different from other 4 robots arms in appearance. It's a complete digital fabrication system packed into an robotic arm. Help you make anything, anywhere. Amazing! And it's highly praised by the industry. The function include CNC milling, laser engraving, pick and place, 3d prints, pcb assembly, pcb milling, drilling, solder-paste despensing. Of course, there must be other wonderful robot arms not displayed in the article, if you got some, please kindly share you idea in the comments areas. [Written By: ELECROW]