Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly is the process used in the production of wide range of electronics products. Few years back, the electronics original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) used to construct PCB assembly in their factory. However, with the coming of surface mount technology (SMT) and the introduction of cutting-edge manufacturing processes and advanced tools, PCB assembly production began to be outsourced to professional contracts electronics manufacturers. These new genre producers had the specialization in PCB assembly construction. SMT PCB assembly services have brought significant benefits for OEMs, and some of these include: * Saving extensively on the capital investments - If OEMs source to the contract electronic manufacturer service for SMT PCB assembly, they get the advantage of keeping their pockets. Guess the massive amount of capital that is required for expensive manufacturing! Imagine the lines and machinery integration, as well as costs incurred in hiring and training qualified personnel! Therefore, contracting will save the money. * Benefits on the cost per unit - OEMs get the benefits from "Economies of Sale" by outsourcing the manufacturing of PCB assembly to contracts electronic manufacturer. OEM will not have to invest in the equipment and personnel, leading to minimization of the cost incurred on per unit. The eventual result of cost per unit price reduction makes the OEM competitive in consumer electronics market. * Efficient assembly production in the short time - OEMs outsourcing the PCB assembly to contracts manufacturing company gives them the real-time advantage of not only saving the overhead costs but also mass producing the PCB assemblies in a short period. Since the production is completed in the earliest possible timeframe, and efficiency is achieved, OEMs can quickly introduce their finished electronic products in the targeted markets. * Quality is assured - Quality is one thing that should not be compromised. Good quality PCB assemblies keep the OEM business gain exponentially in a competitive marketplace. The contract PCB assembly manufacturers have stringent quality control procedures in place. This gives value for money and helps OEMs to build up strong consumer base, in the markets they propose to sell the electronic equipment. By going for a professional contract SMT PCB assembly services, OEM is making choice of competitive deals and high-quality assemblies. And the good thing about it is that OEM will save money by reducing production overhead costs. In the end, it is a win-win advantage, if seen from the perspective of OEM. Know Why SMT PCB Assembly is better than the Thru-Hole Method. You would most commonly find such circuit boards being made of plastic, resin, glass fiber or other such non-conductive materials. The etching or printing on the surface is done with copper traces or other such conductive materials. There are two essential alternatives with regards to picking PCB- - inflexible and adaptable. While the previous is level and rigid, the last assortment can be bowed and is most appropriate for a mind boggling spaces. PCBs are here and there additionally alluded to as a PC board. There are a few reasons why SMT is a favored strategy nowadays. One of the fundamental reasons is that an SMT PCB assembly is that it arranges for space under the surface of the PCB. By doing this, this space can be utilized for different purposes. Considering the truth, the PCBs are getting exceedingly conservative step by step; SMT is a much looked for after strategy. The parts are fastened onto tin, lead, copper or gold-plated cushions that are known as bind cushions. These pillows are available on the surface of the PCB. It is basic to pick an administration supplier that can offer you a wide assortment of PCB assembly gear for SMT and Thru-Hole innovation. Such firms likewise give PCB assembly benefits. Whether you are an agreement producer or an OEM, you can enroll the administrations of organizations that offer PCB assembly hardware. There are numerous advantages of requesting St Pcb Assembly in mass. Firstly, this gives you huge money saving benefits. That is because the set-up expense of a circuit board fabricating framework is significantly high, so you remain to profit by economies of broad scale. Besides, requesting in mass likewise helps you oblige a large group of finished items. The business sector today includes singular firms that have cut a specialty for giving the best PCBs fabricating utilizing the most recent innovation.Such companies can be found by running a search on the internet. Advantages of an automated SMT PCB Assembly manufacturing process. The process of prototype PCB Assembly requires multiple phases and a large number of steps. The process starts with the specification of the design, then proceeds through electrical design (usually done with a schematic or similar symbolic notation), into the physical design (layout), PCB fabrication themselves, and finishes in the assembly of these boards. Errors and mistakes can be induced at any one of these steps. With the increase in the number of electronic components available only in SMT PCB Assembly packages, mounting skills, at least for prototypes, will continue to move away from the realm of hand or through-hole assembly. Hence, machine-based SMT PCB assembly is increasingly becoming a requirement. However, purchasing a pick‐and‐place machine is cost prohibitive. And even with pick-and-place equipment, there is still the need to stencil the application of solder paste before placing all electronic components. The Electronics Assembly Process: Apply Solder Paste: to begin the assembly procedure, bind glue should be added to those ranges of the uninhabited circuit board. Patch glue just goes where a segment must be in electrically conductive contact with a metal arrival cushion on the board itself. Commonly, this can be accomplished with a Solder Stencil. Utilizing the patch screen set correctly onto the PCB and settled in the right position, after that a runner is moved over the screen crushing a little measure of weld glue through the gaps in the screen and onto the circuit board. As the welding screen has been produced from the printed circuit board records, it has gaps on the positions of the cushions and that way the patch is kept just on the outlined bind cushions. There are two essential sorts of wild stencils: confined stencils for use with the patch glue hardware, and model stencils for hand-mounted model PCB assembly of the binding glue. Pick-and-Place Components: Pick-and-Place can happen either by machine or by hand. With hand pick-and-place, a specialist utilizes tweezers to organize every segment on top of the suitable bits of weld glue. By the opposite, with machine pick-and-place, a machine stacked with parts picks the segments and places them onto the circuit board. The pressure of the binding glue is sufficient to keep the components set up. Heat/Reflow Solder: After segments have been added to the PCB, the following phase of the mounting procedure is to go it through the wave binding machine. Particularly for PCB Assembly models, Reflow fastening is the most widely recognized system. Elecrow PCBA Project: NFC Keyduino Project Kickstarter Link: Kickstarter Keyduino Project The keyduino board is now available at Elecrow on-line store. 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