Under the influence of covid-19 coronavirus infection in wuhan, some cities in China have been closed and traffic has not returned to normal. Our government and people are doing their best to fight against this outbreak.


For now, we are doing our best to restore normal operations while ensuring the health and safety of our employees. Here's what we'd like to share with you:

1.As for inquiries, documentary orders and other mail problems, we can reply normally on working days and deal with them 100% immediately.

2.About PCB orders: at present, our PCB production capacity has been restored to 50%. Most PCB production lines are running and processing orders as soon as possible.

3.About pcba orders: our pcba business has only recovered 20% of its capacity. Due to a large backlog of orders, many raw material suppliers have not started operations normally, so the normal production and delivery speed have not been fully restored.

At present, we will focus on processing the orders of the year before, and we will urgently process the orders of the year after the production capacity gradually returns to normal within the next month.

4.About finished goods orders: all finished goods orders are now being shipped in order, but due to the shortage of packing staff, it will generally be delayed for 2-4 days.

5.About mailing: at present, air postand DHL can be shipped normally, and the recovery time of other logistics has not been determined yet. Please try to choose the above two logistics methods when placing an order.


We are all responding to the government's call to take responsible measures to reduce human contact, including self-quarantine (currently 14 days from home to shenzhen) and working from home if possible. At present, shenzhen is very safe compared with wuhan, thank you for your understanding and concern, we are confident that we can get through this difficulty.


Quick update: The production capacity of our PCB Assembly factory will be fully restored tomorrow.

Quick update: From March, all PCB orders will be delivered as normal.