More and more people recognize the word steam. Because it’s a comparatively new educational concept, how much do you know about it? This blog will break it down for you and let you get to know it better.


What is STEAM Education?

STEAM Education which mainly focused on S-(science), T-(technology), E-(engineering), A-(art) and M-(math). STEAM education is a comprehensive education integrating science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics.


How STEAM Course Important Is It?

The STEAM education concept was an educational initiative originally proposed by the United States government to strengthen science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics education in the United States K12. Nowadays, the future is dominated by technology, many countries starts to plan STEAM education.


Is STEAM Education Really Useful for Children?


As mentioned in the second paragraph, STEAM education is a comprehensive discipline combines knowledge such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, machinery, electronics, materials, energy, computer hardware, software, artificial intelligence, art. Therefore, children have access to knowledge in many areas in the process of studying STEAM Education. Children develop various abilities such as hands-on, innovation, collaboration and language expression through create projects of a different themes. Through STEAM, children can discover their talents and strengthen their shortcomings, so that children can be competitive in the future.



The Many Benefits Students Can Get from STEAM Education:

1.Develop children's skills and thinking skills in many aspects



It can cultivate students' hands-on skills and diversified thinking angles. Use a variety of knowledge in practice, it is easier to learn knowledge more comprehensively and Develop children's multi-faceted skills and cognition.


2.Promote independent thinking and creative problem-solving Skills


STEAM education promotes open-mindedness and an interdisciplinary approach. The lack of rigidly defined boundaries lets students focus on the problem itself and take advantage of a combination of subjects to customize a solution to solve the problem, instead of putting themselves in little boxes.


3.Teamwork skills and emotional intelligence training

The excellent person needs teamwork to achieve greater success. STEAM allows students to learn to communicate with each other, coordinate team relationships, and get the others’ approval and assistant. This is an important forging process for outstanding talent.


Our Mission

The Elecrow team fully believes that the Steam curriculum is a change direction for future education. It is not a discipline. It is a combination of technology, engineering, art, and mathematics that breaks the boundaries of disciplines. It is a thing that can train people's comprehensive ability.

Elecrow started to pay attention to the development of Steam education products very early. R&D and carefully select the feature-rich electronic modules and well-designed instructive tutorials base on open-source electronic prototyping platforms such as Raspberry Pi, Ardunio, Micro:bit. We targeted design tutorials for user according to different learning groups. Let steam learners practice logical thinking and innovation ability step by step more effectively.



If you are a child's parent and are bothering about what kind of course your child is studying, I think the Steam course is a good choice. No matter how you learn STEAM education, it will not let you down.


If you have any questions about STEAM education? Feel free to discuss this with us!