A Surgical mask`s monologue

Hello, everyone!

My name is TEYOUDA Surgical Disposable Face Mask from Guangdong BIDA Medical Technology Co,.LTD. Maybe I am the common mask but now I am the most special one cause in a way I can prevent the droplets that from sneezing or coughing. I hope I can help the people that may be exposed to larger populations like service crews or who are coughing or sneezing. Fortunately, Elecrow staff found me, they are hoping that deliver me at a low price to everyone who needs me.

Here I want to introduce myself more carefully.

I am a CE/FDA certified mask, please rest assured of my quality. I also have the following advantages:

Three-layer protects: Non-woven outer layer+filtration paper layer+skin-friendly Non-woven Inner layer with breathable comfort and low respiratory resistance.

Plasticity nose bridge strip, hide the sides of the fixed nose, suitable for all kinds of people.

Made of environmental-friendly material, soft and comfortable reduce the probability of skin allergies.

Fine workmanship, high elastic precision welding and excellent mask tightness.

Soft, odorless, non-irritating



When you are using me, I would like to give you some advice:

I am are for one-time use only and are recommended to use no more than 8 hours continuously and replace it with a new one. I am NOT to be used by medical professionals who work directly with infected patients. Store me in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


Next, I want to teach you how to use me:

  1. Please mask over nose and mouth, and place an ear-loop around each ear.
  2. Pull my bottom under chin and mold the nose-piece around the nose.
  3. You should put me cover your face from the nose to underneath the chin.


Furthermore, my friend Elecrow also source other protective gears and make them available to you if you have needs regarding a specific item, please send an email to evelyn@elecrow.com. We wish you the best!