New Arrivals: Crowtail STEAM Education Kits for Arduino

Interested in coding, electronics and Arduino, but don’t know where to start? Today we are excited to introduce a new product Crowtail STEAM Education Kits for Arduino, which lets you quickly master the basic Arduino programming knowledge, easily familiarize you with electronic modules and realize your creativity.


Perfect for all age learner

We value the learning experience of each customer. If you are a beginner to Arduino or programming, don’t worry cause we have prepared three-level kits which will teach you to step by step through these three Kits, Crowtail Starter Kit for Arduino, Crowtail Advance Kit for Arduino and Crowtail Deluxe Kit for Arduino. We are going to breakdown every electronic component and its function that you could find inside an Arduino kit! It’s better if you’re a professional user cause our profession kit will help you with more creative projects.


20+ useful tutorials and modules

Each kit includes more than 20 interesting and instructive tutorials, from simple to difficult, step by step to familiarize yourself with electronic modules, exercise your logical thinking and develop your ideas. It is worth mentioning that each kit contains more than 20 electronic modules. Each module has its own features and functions. Each module is carefully selected for beginners of Arduino, and is ideal for introductory learning and inspiration.


Plug and play, no troublesome soldering and no complicated wiring

Each module is carefully selected from more than 100 Crowtail electronic modules. The Crowtail products are basic-functional modules that consist of a Base Shield and various modules with standardized connectors, each Crowtail module has its specific functions, such as light sensing and temperature sensing. It will satisfy all you need for your project! All of the Crowtail modules have a standard 4 pin connectors, so it’s easy to plug them into the base shield to realize your ideas. no troublesome soldering and no complicated wiring. It is a huge improvement over the previously troublesome jumper connections.

We have provided clear documentation and libraries for each Crowtail module, if you want to know the usage of each module, please enter the product link to check the wiki.



What programming platform are they based on?

For the programming part, we will use the Arduino software to program. Arduino is an easy-to-use open-source electronic prototyping platform. It is one of the most popular open-source hardware in the world, including hardware (various models of Arduino board) and software (Arduino IDE), which is the best choice for people who want to learn programming and hardware knowledge!


Can’t wait to try it.right? Come and find out about these three STEAM Education Kits for Arduino.


Crowtail Starter Kit for Arduino

First of all, let’s introduce Crowtail Starter Kits for Arduino, easy and useful for beginners to learn coding and electronics.

By learning this kit, you will realize how easy it is to use crowtail modules along with an Arduino or Crowduino for programming! You will learn the principles and uses of the basic sensors, the knowledge of the digital, analog signal, analog-to-digital conversion, programming logic and the uses of complex electronic modules, etc.

The tutorial is so clear that even if you are a beginner, you can quickly master the basic Arduino programming knowledge through this starter kit.



Crowtail Advance Kit for Arduino

Have you already have some knowledge of electronics and programming skills? How do you continue to strengthen your thinking, hands-on skills, programming and innovation capabilities? In that way, Crowtail Advance Kit for Arduino is the perfect Kit for you. This kit will lead you to a new stage!

After using this kit, you will learn about digital signals, analog signals, digital-to-analog conversion, automatic control systems, remote control systems, display systems, WIFI, and more.

This kit continuously improves your ability. Let you think and solve problems more comprehensively, meticulously, and confidently, finally, create your own outstanding works.



Crowtail Deluxe Kit for Arduino

The electronic world is so exciting and amazing! Probably you can't wait to create more interesting works or even realize your electronic dream. Let’s get to know this amazing kit first.

The Crowtail-Deluxe Kit for Arduino is a kit for advanced learners with a basic programming foundation. It is designed to help learners diverge their ideas, learn how more complex electronic components work and program, and ultimately help them achieve their dream electronic project!

In all, by learning this kit, you will learn how to build a smart car completely, including wireless remote control, intelligent tracking or obstacle avoidance, etc. Of course, there are more complex movement data acquisition, wifi and Bluetooth use!